Novel ‘Miyami-San (A Love Story)’ Now Available

Neile Adams McQueen

Neile Adams McQueen, author of the best-selling memoir, “My Husband, My Friend” has released her latest story, “Miyami-San (A Love Story).”

Miyami-San is a story of love in all forms and how life is not about the storm – but learning how to dance in the rain.

“Miyami-San (A Love Story)” is set in Manila, The Philippine Islands, in 1930. When the innocent and extraordinarily beautiful Mila Alvarez takes the stage at the Olympic Stadium one fateful night as the newly named Miami, she has no idea of the journey that lies before her. She transforms from a young, sheltered schoolgirl into an intuitively inventive and bold new star and soon finds fame and adoration throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. Along the way comes handsome Lt. John Holbrook, who wreaks havoc on her young life, as World War II looms ever closer. When she crosses paths with Japanese industrialist Koda Sato her life changes its trajectory.

“The characters in ‘Miyami-San (A Love Story)’ had been milling about in my mind for a long time and was, in part, influenced by people and circumstances I’ve encountered in my own life. Then when the COVID 19 pandemic began in December 2019, I came to the conclusion that it was time to write this book and commit the story to the page. And so I did.”

Neile Adams McQueen began her career as one of Broadway’s foremost jazz dancers and performers. She has appeared in movies and on television shows in a career spanning eight decades. She met and married young actor Steve McQueen after only four months of dating. When his star rose, they wound up on the cover of Life magazine and became Hollywood’s newest “power couple.” They were married over 15 and half years and had two children together.

“Miyami-San (A Love Story)” available now on, and