‘No Strings Attached’ – at Least at First

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures Natalie Portman plays Emma and Ashton Kutcher is Adam in “No Strings Attached.”


We have all thought about this. Many of us have even tried this – a relationship that is strictly physical. No feelings, no jealousy, no strings attached. Despite the ground rules laid out and the assurances that this is the farthest it is going to go, it always leads elsewhere. Maybe not for both of you, maybe not right away, but it happens at some point whether or not it is said out loud.

“No Strings Attached” is the story of Adam and Emma (Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman), two people whose paths have crossed many times, but who never connected. After chance meetings here and there, stressed doctor Emma and production assistant Adam accidentally fall into convenient sex in desperation after Adam drunkenly shows up at her apartment. They decide to keep it simple. Only sex, no relationship. But as aforementioned, do we really believe that can happen? Especially in a movie released just weeks before Valentines Day?

I must admit that for years I never liked Ashton Kutcher. I always thought of him as unrealistic and as an almost caricature of what a frat boy would be. Overly stupid then a quick transformation to perfect man in one of
his romantic comedies. But this one was different. I’m
not saying it is entirely due
to the rest of the cast, but whatever it was it pulled Kutcher up by his bootstraps and he gave an astounding performance.

He held his own on screen with Natalie Portman, one of the finest actresses in town, Kevin Kline, the best from a former generation and Cary Elwes who, despite a brief role in this film, is making an overall comeback after his initial fame in movies like
“The Princess Bride.” The chemistry he had with Portman was amazing – really just shocking. They seemed as though they were living these lives all along. This, even for a guy, is a great romantic comedy. It was funny, it was sweet, it was romantic. Everything you hope for when your girl drags you into a movie like this.

This above all else must be stressed – only take your girl to this movie if you are committed. If you are on thin ice, not sure where the relationship lies, this film will cement you into commitment. This reporter took his girlfriend and she
has not let go of my arm since. She just smiles all the time.
She stares at me and smiles. Every once in a while she tears up. I ask her what’s wrong; she says, “That movie was so sweet. I love you so much.” She just keeps staring. It really is sweet … in that creepy sort of boil-your-bunny way. This movie is romantic cement. Be Advised.

Rated R for a lot of sexuality. A lot of sexuality – almost soft core porn grade sexuality. A little uncomfortable
at times.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.