Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce

“Our Business is Your Business”

Talkin’ Trash

So the question has been asked . . . besides being the “eyes and ears” for business interests within the Crescenta Valley, what else does the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce do?
Well, let’s see. Our Chamber board is composed of community business owners, GUSD principals, a church pastor, Realtors, a CEO of a major community hospital, an owner/publisher of a local newspaper, a veterinarian, a nationally respected bankruptcy attorney, insurance agents, Armed Forces veterans, a classic car enthusiast/organizer, and a few retirees. In fact, many of our board members serve on other boards and nearly every community event has our “face and footprint” included. It is safe to say we cover every aspect of the community we represent.
And to top it off . . . we even do trash! What? Yep, that’s right, the CV Chamber does trash.
On the second Saturday of each month from 8:30 a.m. until 9:15 a.m. the Chamber partners with the CV Town Council to meet at the top of the La Crescenta Avenue off-ramp to collect and bag approximately five to seven bags of trash, cigarette butts, bottles & cans, weeds, debris and whatever has accumulated over the course of one month.
Ever notice how pristine our La Crescenta Avenue off-ramp looks in comparison to other off-ramps in the area? Probably not but next time you drive the area just take a moment to notice. We’ve been doing this monthly since 2008 when we petitioned and received permission from Caltrans to “adopt” the off-ramp.
Equipment such as hard hats, fluorescent-colored safety vests, clear goggles, gloves, “grabbers” and heavy duty plastic bags are supplied as needed by our friends at Caltrans. In addition to those who volunteer from the Chamber and Town Council, we have community volunteers who show up faithfully every month to help. Everyone pitches in to do their part in making the “entry to our Crescenta Valley community” look a bit better.
It’s only 45 minutes a month but in those few minutes our Chamber/Council/ community volunteers, ranging in age from 18 to 88, have managed to make their individual statement of love and respect for their community.
So want to know what else the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce does? “Let’s talk some trash.”
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