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Lisa Dupuy, executive director
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According to Working Mother magazine, as many as one in three small business owners in this country are moms, which is pretty jaw-dropping. Mom-owned businesses are, therefore, hugely impactful on the economy and all signs indicate this impact is only getting bigger. Women are now launching businesses at nearly twice the rate of men.

We at the Crescenta Valley Chamber want to highlight a few awesome moms who also own small businesses in our town. It’s a particularly unique challenge and joy to nurture both a child and a business. In honor of Mother’s Day, we salute you. Here are a few of their stories.

Jeannie Bone is owner of Casa Cordoba in Montrose. Running a restaurant is a uniquely relentless responsibility. She feels it might’ve been impossible to give her daughter Jennifer the attention she needed when she was young but once she was off to college she and her husband Chris opened the restaurant. Jennifer is very proud of their business and enjoys seeing how it’s developed. Jeannie doesn’t know if Jennifer will ever be interested in running Casa but, she said, “We hope to leave her a legacy that she can be proud of.” Advice to new moms who may want to run a business? “There are only so many hours in a day,” said Jeannie. “Be sure you love what you do because every day can test one’s fortitude. A supportive spouse really helps. Carve out time for yourself so you can be a pillar of strength for your family the rest of the time.”

Kristy Tyler, owner of Tyler Physical Therapy and Pilates, opened her current studio when her son was 2.

“It was hard at first but now that Jett’s 8½ he does his homework at the office and helps out when he can.”

Kristy knows she could not have done it without the support of the people in her life, “like a little community of caring people.” She likes to create that at the studio as well, allowing trainer moms time off to breast feed or care for kids.

“It’s important that everyone be able to follow their dreams, to be the full person they desire to be.” She’s grateful for her family, her business and her community.

Maureen Palacios, owner of Once Upon a Time bookstore, said that being a mom and a small-business owner has been both a blessing and a curse.

“It definitely is a positive for my two daughters to see a woman and their mother work hard and use many different skill sets to run a successful, nationally-known business,” Maureen said. “It is important to me to show my daughters that they can be anything in the world if they put their minds to it.”

The curse part is that it is hard work, and many times, seven-days-a-week work, with very little time available at home. Her advice to new moms?

“Enjoy the childhood years as much as you can, because your child will one day turn around, and you will be taking them to college!”

Youna Karlsson, owner of Berolina Bakery, tells us she gave birth to her children and went back to the business two days later!

“I juggled my kids between work, school and activities,” she said. “It is a challenge to have children and run a business but we mothers can do it all. Plus, my children have learned a lot about running a business.”

Youna’s advice for new moms: Try to enjoy the moments with your children because they grow up really fast. If you would start a business, be prepared that it sometimes will be very stressful.

We at the Chamber wish all the mothers a very special Mother’s Day.