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The Montrose Shopping Park is home to many unique and specialty businesses that you simply won’t find in the big malls or even in the fancy outdoor centers. Most of what is offered is geared to “walk-ins,” but sometimes you just have to plan your fun ahead of time … and it will be well worth it! Two such Montrose venues not only provide the “fun,” they also supply you with wonderful “memories-to-go.”

Offering eight vintage bowling lanes and lots of entertaining space, Montrose Bowl is one of the smallest – and oldest – bowling alley operations in Los Angeles County. Opened in 1936, Montrose Bowl has been owned and operated by the Berger Family for over 30 years. This is an ideal location for planning every occasion from corporate events to birthday parties, from theatrical to filming venues, and guests come to have fun! The throwback 1950s-era décor and fun party atmosphere make Montrose Bowl a real memory! Located at 2334 Honolulu Ave. in the heart of the Shopping Park, be sure to give a shout out to owner Bob Berger at (818) 249-3895 to book your party soon!

For those who crave something a bit more sedate and refined – usually that’s the ladies – we have an excellent local tearoom called, oddly enough, The T Room. At 2405 Honolulu Ave., you can lunch with the ladies at the Queen’s Tea, featuring a freshly brewed pot of English-style tea with Lingonberry chicken, tarragon egg salad, English cucumber, Norwegian salmon finger sandwiches and freshly baked cranberry scones with homemade Russian cream and strawberry preserves. They also serve a Prince and Princess Tea for the younger set. Plan your outing today by calling owner Esma Kocharian at (818) 249-6677.

This week the Sunday Market is closed due to Easter. When we return on April 23 be sure to stop by and select from the new crop of farm fresh produce while enjoying the music from guitarist Dave Winstone. The Montrose Sunday Market . . . always something new and exciting.

See you at the Market!

The Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors