News from the CV Chamber of Commerce

Moving Forward in 2021 … and Beyond

Let’s face it – this past year was both stressful and demanding. It was a mix of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals filled to capacity, homeless citizens on our streets, extreme bouts of political turmoil, social unrest, protests, business/restaurant restrictions, school closures, stay-at-home requirements and a myriad of personal challenges, including the use of masks and social distancing. And the outlook for the first several months of 2021 is “more of the same.”

None of us remember the 1918 flu pandemic and the tragic loss of 675,000 lives when our population was roughly 30% of what it is today. But for those of us who are older we might vividly remember the horrors of WWII and the 1941 “Day of Infamy” attack on our Naval fleet at Pearl Harbor; or 1968 and the unrest in our country over Vietnam, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the violent protests in Chicago at the Democratic National Convention; perhaps the 1970s energy crisis with odd/even gas days and the wait for hours in long lines just to add a few gallons to our gas tanks; and most recently Sept. 11, 2001 when our country was violently attacked by terrorists.

Yes, this past year was difficult and our struggles are certainly not over. But like other difficult times we have experienced, our families, businesses/restaurants, and organizations will soon recover and, if history prevails, return to an even greater level of success and growth than before. So hang on, stay positive and prepare to become part of our next “Greatest Generation.”

CV Chamber of Commerce Notes:
Our Chamber welcomes two new business members: RestoKleen USA, Inc. (Hamlet Ghazanian),, provides 24/7 restoration for water, fire and smoke damage and mold removal service. They work with all insurance companies and are licensed, insured and bonded in California. Call them at (833) 675-5336 for immediate attention to your needs.

Our other new business member is Pasadena Humane SPCA (Dia Duvernet),, (626) 792-7151, helping to save the lives of animals through their adoption services. “Bring home your new best friend from the Pasadena Humane.”
Despite the challenges of doing business in 2020 we proudly welcomed 14 new business members to our CV Chamber of Commerce family.

On Jan. 1, USC Verdugo Hills Hospital welcomed its first baby of 2021. The Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce proudly sponsored an annual event providing baskets of gifts for the new baby and proud parents. We wish to acknowledge and thank Panos Productions Photography, Merle Norman Cosmetics in Montrose, Once Upon A Time children’s bookstore, Quilt ‘n’ Things Fiber Arts, and several Chamber board members for their contributions and gifts.

On Thursday, Jan. 14 at 6 p.m. (via Zoom virtual) our Chamber will administer the oath of office to our incoming executive board members: President Michael Riley, Vice President Mike Baldwin, Treasurer Craig Fisher, Secretary Robin Goldsworthy, and Honorary Mayor J.D. Speas. We will also install four well known community members to our roster of board of directors: Jean Maluccio, Dwight Sityar, Donna Libra and Mike Padula. Congratulations to the incoming executive board members and our newest board of director members.

January Emergency Preparedness Tip: Be prepared for any emergency need. Take some of the $600 federal stimulus money you are receiving and place it in a secure, easily accessible location to use in the event of an emergency. Don’t be caught short in the next emergency situation.

CV Chamber Membership Opportunities: If you are a Chamber member we are available to help your business plan a ribbon cutting, a grand re-opening of your business or even help you organize promotional opportunities. For those of you who are not current business or residential members, experience the advantages of a Chamber membership. For details call the Chamber office at (818) 248-4957 or email us at You may also access our Chamber website at

Our Chamber motto says it all: “Our Business is Your Business.”


Steve Pierce,
Executive Director
(818) 248-4957