Christmas Eve in La Cañada

By Lindy Bockman

It was Christmas Eve
In La Cañada
People were scurrying about
In their shoes by Prada.

They were up to their ears
In bag after bag
They were tired and spent
And their shoulder did sag.

There were great crowds
Gathered on streets
Sees Candies was selling
Out of their treats.

Chocolate nuggets and creams
Some snappy brittle
All conspiring
To expand your middle.

From standing so long
The merchants were weary
Too long for some
To be bubbly and cheery.

But so many shops
Were still of great cheer
Taylors was serving
Steak and cold beer.

McDonald’s was busy
For those in a hurry
Selling out very quickly
Of their festive McFlurries.

The parks were aglow
With a twinkle of lights
Houses were trimmed
With elves in green tights.

But all of the children
Will squeal with delight
When they spy their toys
As dawn breaks its first light.

And so La Cañada
Glows in a sparkle of light
All waiting for Christmas
This Christmas Eve night.