A Community Bistro

Photos by Mary O’KEEFE


Ocean View Bistro is a little greener, even in the recent heat, thanks to two local gardeners.

Patty Serrano and Deanna Ailes are community horticulturists. They also enjoy sitting on the exterior patio of the Ocean View Bistro, but there was something missing.

“The planters were empty,” Ailes said.

The planters set atop the fence that encircles the patio had been left unattended and were void of any vegetation.

“We asked if we could bring some plants,” Ailes said.

“We are gardeners,” Serrano added.

They purchased a few plants but brought most, many of which were California native, from their home gardens and planted the boxes around the fence.

“We will be here to water and [maintain] the plants,” Ailes said.

The two gardeners have plans for the future including adding some new planters. All in all, they can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor – as can everyone else who dines at Ocean View Bistro.