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Planning My Sale

Dear Phyllis,
My youngest child graduates high school next year and will be going off to college.  My husband and I plan to sell our La Canada home and move to a Pasadena condo.  We are in a position to buy the condo without selling our home, but wouldn’t want both properties for too long. My question:  How long do you think it will take to sell our home and close escrow?  We aren’t ready to talk with Realtors® but I love your column and thought to ask you!  Thanks in advance.  GR

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Dear GR,
Thank you for your question! Congratulations, we all know, what a milestone it is to send your child off to college, and move into a home that better suits your new circumstance.

There are numerous factors that determine how long to expect your home to be on the market before opening escrow.  While a vast majority of La Canada homes are selling within the first two weeks, the average La Canada home is opening escrow in approximately five weeks.

Of course this varies by price range; homes under $1,500,000 on average are selling in about thirty days. La Canada homes selling for $1,500,000 to $3,000,000 are selling on average in seven weeks. Homes selling for $3,000,000 and above on average are selling in approximately eight weeks.

I believe that home selling next year will have similar stats. There are a variety of factors which will impact the time it takes to accept an offer and open escrow.

• Current state of the La Canada real estate market, I believe it will continue to be a seller’s market next year

• Price range

• Condition of the home

• Marketing plan

Escrow duration varies but generally is four to six weeks from the date you accept an offer.  More expensive homes generally take longer to close as homes with higher selling prices typically require two appraisals.  Larger homes and estates typically involve more inspections.

If you do decide to move to the condo before selling, consult with a Realtor® to discuss selling your home empty versus staged. Or perhaps if you decide to sell your vacant home you may want the real estate photographer to take pictures before your home is emptied.  Best of luck on your move and I welcome you to contact me when you are ready