Everything’s Eternal

Robert Snyder (Pastor Bob), leading side-to-side with his wife Stephanie, has guided Community Christian Church of Tujunga (CCC) for what will, on May 15, be their 30th year.

Beginning their adventure in service for this Church of The Foothills in May 1992, they’ve shepherded the congregational worship from traditional into stylistically-contemporary while continuing the pure foundational values on which the church body was born, then built. Yet Pastor Bob’s vision has soared beyond standard structural upgrades of the sanctuary’s remodeling, addition of a youth and kids’ group area, and a neighboring coffee house into a powerful renovation of human hearts. Connecting the positivity of the human spirit with God’s passion to impact every soul and smile, from neighbors to nations.    

Following the creed “Love God. Love People. Make Disciples.” of Community Christian Church, Pastor Bob and the congregation have focused a Christ-centered drive to uplift the surrounding community, first and most notably in the creation of the annual live nativity experience each Christmas season. Thousands of families continue to pass through the wonder of seeing a live reenactment of the first coming of Jesus to earth, echoing in person, the joy of bringing peace on earth and goodwill to Sunland-Tujunga.   

To serve even closer to people, Pastor Bob consolidated with area missions to facilitate a monthly Honey Drive, offering free honey and prayer to the church’s neighbors passing by. This remarkable event has produced a powerful outpouring of locals joining with church members for a quick conversation with God, healing hearts on the fly, uplifting families and shining a light on the incredible hope for positivity in the community.

CCC, under the tutelage of Pastor Bob’s devotion and affection for all nations, has been in partnership with Asia Pacific International to reach the unreached, caring for the hearts and hopes of all. As Pastor Bob shares his own heart, “There’s not a single people group on earth that isn’t absolutely adored by God.” To date, countless thousands have been aided through this global touch of God’s pure love, connecting the entire world.

Thirty years is a blink of a pastor’s eye when it comes to serving others. And of all things, Pastor Bob is that: a servant. Even especially as a leader, following the very spirit of Christ’s teaching that it’s all about God, not “self.” In any conversation with the warm hearted, brightly smiling Pastor people will hear many mentions of this paradigm as he’s quick to remind, “He’s God, we’re not.” Though Pastor’s dream of significant ministry is powerful, it’s not his might or mind that reaches the overlooked, the hurting, those faces most turned away from on the streets or in the pew, for it’s as he says, “all about God.”

For God so loves the world, we should too. And this community is beyond blessed to know a caring man and servant-leader who is dedicated his life to showcasing that unconditional love and outpouring to help build all to be all God dreamed us to be.  

Pastor Bob, with a wonderful family and joyful, serving congregation, invite the community to swing on by to experience this ever-present love on Sunday, May 15 for a 10 a.m. service, all-inclusive to every walk of life, followed by lunch at 11:30 a.m. on campus, culminating in a 12:30 p.m. special service honoring Pastor Bob’s 30 years of service to the community, the globe, and specifically, you. Seeing you smile on a path to experiencing and conversing with God, is Pastor Bob’s eternal dream come true.      

Community Christian Church is located at 10193 Tujunga Canyon Blvd. Contact bee3blessed@gmail.com or churchofthefoothills.com.

Submitted by CCC