Buy a Car, Help a School


Each year parents, volunteers and members of non-profit organizations look at their budgets and sigh knowing that fundraising for that year will be a struggle, as always.

The community of Crescenta Valley has been supportive of local groups through private and business donations. For example, on any given evening a local restaurant may offer a percentage of its receipts to a local school program.     It is in this spirit that Bob Smith Toyota has, for 20 years, conducted their business. Owners Mike and Pete Smith have unrolled their latest program that will give $200 for each new or used vehicle purchased at Bob Smith Toyota on Foothill Boulevard. The benefactor of the $200 will be the buyer’s choice.

Bob Smith Toyota donates to local organizations and schools on a regular basis, but with this new program, Pete Smith hopes to reach those who have never heard of their philanthropic work.

“Our family has always believed a good education leads to a successful life,” Smith said. “The schools in this area are [high performing] and [some of that] is because of opportunities like robotics and sports programs.”

However, he added, often school budgets cannot fund those programs. That is where community needs to step in, he said.

“We, as community members, are involved in our community,” he said.

Pete is a parent himself and said he knows how difficult it is to raise the funds for school foundations, sports and other programs. As a business owner, he added that it is important for him to support locally. When residents buy from local businesses, that money supports that business which in turn supports the local schools through donations.

The current program the dealership is offering requires the buyer of the vehicle to present a flyer at the time of purchase. The money will come from Bob Smith Toyota but will also include the name of the person, or family, that purchased the vehicle. The donation can be made to a non-profit, or school programs like booster clubs.

According to Pete, local businesses are in the best position to promote and support local organizations and programs because they benefit from residents in the area.

“It is a two-way street,” Pete said.

To find out the location of the flyers, call the dealership at (818) 248-9363.