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Dear Phyllis,
I have my home listed for sale with the agent who sold it to me. My brother is a loan officer and has been very helpful in assisting me in analyzing my home’s value and reviewing offers. I had one extremely low offer, which we didn’t respond to. Later I had another offer, which was close to my bottom line but not close enough that we could reach an agreement. My home has been on the market for three months with just these low offers. My brother believes my home is well priced, so I am not sure why our agent can’t get us a decent offer? What do you suggest? MC

Dear MC,
That is nice of your brother to share his real estate knowledge. But your Realtor® will have the most expertise about your particular neighborhood. Your real estate agent likely keeps apprised of new listings and sales. This enables us to keep apprised of values and most importantly current market trends. For instance, during market shifts we may see more homes which are staged. More that have been spruced up. There are different nuances active real estate agents notice by showing property on a consistent basis.

There are two major factors in getting your home sold:
Is your Realtor® doing everything needed to get your home sold?
• Are there professional photos?
• Is print and online marketing in place?
• Are the marketing remarks in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) compelling?

Are you doing everything needed to get your home sold?
• Is your home available for showings with reasonable notice?
• Is your home clean and in show condition for viewings?
If you and your Realtor® have checked all the boxes, then it’s time to discuss price. I think you, your brother and your Realtor ® should meet and discuss comparables (comps). These are current active listings (your competition), and very recently sold listings. The reality is that your home is worth only what a buyer is willing to pay. I wish you the best in getting your home sold quickly at the highest possible price.

Phyllis Harb is a Realtor® with Dilbeck Real Estate.
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