Local family spreads the word of God via TV: part 2

By Odalis A. SUAREZ

Last week, we learned about Hilda, Vahe, Elena, Carolina and Natalia – the Maranians, a local family that launched a Christian-driven network that offers varied programming attractive to varied ethnicities. International Christian Family Network – ICFN – serves the Glendale, Burbank, La Crescenta, Montrose, and La Cañada communities. The channel also provides live streaming on their website which is viewed internationally.
Programs include the New Generation, a talk show hosted by twin sisters Natalia and Elena Maranian.
“I know the power of media,” said Natalia, who was an anchor for CVHS’ Crescenta Valley Television (CVTV). “When my father explained his vision for ICFN we wanted to take advantage of the air time. We decided on having a talk show integrating music videos [and] outside interviews.”
The 20-year-old twins Natalia and Elena had the intention of providing a show that was focused on today’s young generation. Interviewing Christian musicians, artists, and motivational speakers Natalia and Elena hoped to not just inspire the youth, but to also intrigue adults. Their goal might best be summed up by New Generation’s motto, “To inspire this generation to be on fire, passionate and in love with Jesus Christ.”
“Many people [think] automatically ‘young,’” explained Elena. “For us to be ‘new’ it means to be new in Jesus Christ. We want to target everyone that knows Jesus Christ.”
“We definitely get more of a response from the older generations,” added Natalia.
The show is currently working on its second season, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m.  After the completion of the first series of episodes the twins have gained a collection of memorable moments.
“Here we are twin sisters. We are just starting New Generation. God blesses us with our third show to interview a lead guitarist of the Grammy nominated [band] Superchick. It’s been a blessing to interview a person from a band who shares the same vision for our generation,” said Natalia of their experience interviewing lead guitarist Dave Ghazarian.
“Every show has a special meaning to us,” continued Elena. “We [had] guests that came from abroad like Spasenie (a Christian rock band) [from] Belarus near Russia.  Their music was just so beautiful. It was mostly in Russian; I don’t [even] understand Russian! It still moves me because I know its spirit filled.”
Working within their quaint Glendale studio, Natalia and Elena, as well as the rest of the Maranian family, have seen nothing but positive responses since ICFN started.  Even local hospitals have tuned in to the Christian channel.
“It helps them with their faith, we brought the church through [the] media for those that can’t attend church,” stated mom Hilda.
To make the channel come to life has been a team effort within the Maranian family. Even the youngest family member Carolina, who has appeared on the channel during holiday events, plans on making a greater contribution in the future.
As hosts of their own show, Natalia and Elena are responsible for writing their own scripts, researching, producing and editing their episodes. Parents Vahe and Hilda with daughters Natalia, Elena and Carolina contribute to the show personally and consider ICFN a part of their lives. They believe that they are providing a service to the community, their only gain the hope in bringing a positive contribution to society.
Said Vahe, “Our vision is not the viewership, our vision is for people to get saved, changing their hearts and lives.”
The International Christian Family Network airs on Charter Cable channel 382.  For more information or to view their live stream visit the website www.icfn.tv. For the New Generation visit www.newgenshow.com.

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