Supports LGBTQ Clubs
I was frustrated to read the comment a La Cañada parent offered at the latest Sagebrush meeting asserting that another reason not to have their children matriculate through GUSD schools was because of the fact that both CV High and Rosemont have Gay Straight Alliance clubs which publish a newsletter called “Ally” [“Opinions Offered at Final Sagebrush Forum,” Nov. 10]. While the pros and cons of this hotly debated redistricting issue are many, this should not be one of them. One would hope that all parents would consider the fact that CVHS and RMS have student formed clubs that help to promote a safe environment for all students, including LGBTQ youth, is a very positive thing. What is this parent’s preference? To have our middle schools and high schools bolster fear, hatred and bullying of this very real part of our collective student populations? The only thing these clubs do promote is a place where our LGBTQ youth can have a safe and welcoming place to be themselves and to bring them together with straight youth who support them. There is no “nefarious agenda” or “promoting of transgenderism” as he puts it, which is frankly an outrageous and misinformed statement.

What this country has seen by and large in communities that do not offer support to its LGBTQ youth is a high rate of bullying on social media, unprovoked physical attacks and subsequent suicides. I hope we still live in a country where we want all our youth to feel safe, valued and embraced. These are our sons and daughters.
Carolyn Klas
La Crescenta

It Was Just Another Election, Really!
For the first time in a modern Presidential election we had two very unpopular candidates who both ran very negative campaigns. Otherwise it was a typical Presidential election. Since President Roosevelt passed away in 1944, American voters have not given either party three consecutive terms in the White House except in 1988, “Ronald Reagan’s third term.”

In the 72 years since FDR passed way Truman (D) served nearly two terms followed by Ike (R) for two terms, followed by JFK (D) for nearly one term followed by LBJ (D) for one term followed by Nixon (R) for nearly two terms, followed by Carter (D) for one term followed by Reagan (R) for two terms followed by Bush #41 (R) for one term followed by Clinton (D) for two terms followed by Bush #43 (R) for two terms followed by Obama (D) for two terms and now Trump (R). Historically voters are very reluctant to give either party three consecutive terms in the White House.

2016 was simply a low voter turnout election in which five million Democrats, who voted for President Obama in 2012, stayed home and the voters followed a 72-year-old-pattern.

The media did not serve us well. It wasted thousands of hours telling us about dozens of tedious polls that predicted a Clinton victory. Those TV hours would have better spent with analysis and explanations of where the candidates stood on the issues that were important to the voters.

Finally, all elections are important. This weekend you will have the opportunity to vote for members of the CV Town Council. Please take a few minutes and drop by Sadler Hall on the St. Luke’s of the Mountain Church campus. Your voice is important and every vote counts.
Lynn McGinnis