Shame on Baca
The retired and now convicted Lee Baca has disgraced much of what he has touched while having authority to improve and change the activities of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. It is with personal sorrow I have to state this man’s presence at my father’s dedication and remembrance removes an excellence to serve in the department by my father David A. Horr. I truly feel I have been diminished alongside my father’s memory by what was a corrupt leadership at that very moment of my father’s dedication and remembrance.
Shame on Sheriff Baca!!
Donald E. Sutton (aka Horr)

His Ideas on Montrose 20/20 Vision
I would like to see Montrose and Sparr Heights remain as they are – a historical small American town. Think of them as national treasures representing our history through the years.

It would be very sad to lose places and treasures such as Zwick Plaza, City Hall Café, Once Upon A Time, Jane’s Clock, The Old Jail, the Shopping Bag former location and on and on.

Already we have lost too much to development. Indian Springs is the most notable example – a national historic spot gone forever.

It would be horrible to create a dense, almost undriveable place like downtown Glendale. Too crowded.

Please keep the Montrose unique charm that draws people, the movies and hometown events and parades.

I love Montrose as it is.
Patrick O’Grady