Emergency responders and public works employees are driving up and down the streets of Crescenta Valley and La Cañada, keeping updated on the weather reports and closely watching the hillsides.

In anticipation of the brunt of the storm that is expected to come through the area late Saturday night into Sunday, all Los Angeles County roads within the Station Fire area will be closed at 2 a.m. Sunday.

“We are asking the people in the higher risk foothill burn area to stay very diligent,” said Gary Bozé, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

The storm that is predicted to pass through this weekend will be significant in the mountain areas.

“In the coastal and valley areas we expect two to four inches of rain, and in the mountains four to eight inches,” said Stuart Seto of the National Weather Service.

That rainfall is slightly higher than earlier reports and coupled with the unpredictable mountainside debris will keep law enforcement, fire and public works from the County and city of Glendale patrolling throughout the area.

At Tuesday’s Crescenta Valley Town Council meeting Capt. Dave Silversparre told residents the department was preparing for the rains. He added residents in the mudslide areas should take heed of the wet weather and make certain their vehicles are not parked on the street. Several streets like Ocean View Boulevard north of Foothill Boulevard have signs restricting street parking during storms.

Silversparre said residents have asked him how much rain is required before they are to move their vehicles.

“I say, ‘Well if you want your car to travel down the street [a few] miles then [park on the street],’” he replied.

During the last mudslides several vehicles that were at the top of Ocean View Boulevard were carried several miles down the street, some coming to rest in residents’ front yards.

Russ Hauck, Glendale park ranger manager, said there was some erosion and debris run off onto the pavement in the Deukmejian Wilderness Park earlier on Friday. He and his crew continue to patrol the area during the rains.

“The debris basins are up and ready. We are ready to go; we are just hoping this system will pass through quickly,” Boze said.

However there is another system just waiting to make landfall.

“[That] is another bigger storm with a little colder temperatures,” Seto said. “That will hit Tuesday night into Wednesday with significant rainfall.”

For information on the County roads monitor the DPW website at For information on Glendale conditions visit If an emergency is declared it will be on Glendale television channel 6, Charter Communications or for AT&T U-Verse customers on channel 99, Glendale community or call the community hotline at (818) 951-9117.

CV Weekly will continue to provide updates on weather, road and if evacuations as they are implemented.