Arrest Made in Mountain Pine Drive Burglary


On Wednesday a suspect was arrested in the Oct. 1 residential burglary in the 2600 block of Mountain Pine Drive in La Crescenta.

It was on Oct. 1 when a resident heard noises coming from the first floor of her home. The suspect/suspects shattered a glass window in the back of the residence and entered the home. The residents were home at the time but did not hear the initial break-in.

“The residents didn’t hear the initial [break-in] when the [suspect/suspects] came in to a downstairs bedroom,” said Det. Rodger Burt.

The resident then heard the suspect/suspects while they were downstairs. She went into the restroom and flushed the toilet to let the suspect/suspects know that someone was home. They fled through the front door, which the resident heard slam as the suspect/suspects left the home.

After an investigation, Burt was able to request and receive a search warrant for the residence of suspect Kendall World, 18, of Covina.

It is Burt’s opinion that from the evidence he has been able to gather the suspect is a “prolific burglar.”

During the search, evidence was also found that led to the arrest of the suspect’s 20-year-old girlfriend.

At the time of the burglary law enforcement found several drawers in the home had been opened; however, nothing was reported stolen.

The investigation continues. It is not known if the suspect acted alone or if there were more involved in the burglary.

Burt did find some property in the suspect’s home that may have been reported stolen. He is putting together photos of that property to see if there is a match with any reported burglaries.