New Plans for Rosemont Traffic Issues


Now that students are back in school, the possibilities of increased traffic and dangerous situations for students sets in for school officials, parents and the Crescenta Valley Town Council.

One of the areas that has been a long time concern is Rosemont Avenue at Los Amigos Street near Rosemont Middle School. Last year, after years of traffic studies and school and council meetings, the school was granted a crossing guard on Rosemont Avenue. This was unusual because at the time Los Angeles County paid for crossing guards at elementary schools only. With support from L.A. Supervisor Michael Antonovich last year, the L.A. Board of Supervisors approved crossing guards for middle schools not only at Rosemont but also throughout the county.

The issue of Rosemont traffic safety encompassed the Glendale Unified School District and Rosemont Principal  Cynthia Livingston,  Crescenta Valley Town Council and President Robbyn Battles, California Highway Patrol and two very determined moms – Kelly Ralston and Michele Doud.

On Wednesday morning those representatives along with community member Steve Pierce met with L.A. Public Works at the location to discuss the next step in keeping kids safe.

Public Works representatives showed the group plans to create two bulb outs (curb extensions) located at the east and west sides of the crosswalk that spans Rosemont Avenue. There are also plans to construct three catch basins, repair the cracked street in the area and move the flashing crosswalk lights on both sides of the street north making them more visible to oncoming traffic.

The purpose of the bulb outs is to give students a safer place to stand while waiting to cross the street but the concern from the group gathered on Wednesday was the construction proposed could create more traffic issues.

The bulb outs would reach out six feet into the street at both sides. Both Livingston and Battles were concerned that would result in narrowing Rosemont.

“We have 1,000 cars go down [and up] here on school days,” Livingston said.

Battles asked if Public Works could do some type of temporary construction simulating the bulb outs.

“Before we spend all this money and find out it doesn’t work,” Battles added.

Doud and Ralston were concerned that a bulb out stretching out as far as planned would create issues with vehicles that turn right onto Los Amigos Street. They pointed out the right (east) turn on Los Amigos Street is always dangerous because of the bright sun that hits drivers’ eyes in the morning and that the street does not have sidewalks.

Public Works representatives said they would consider some type of temporary construction like delineators that bolt into the ground or asphalt mounds but they cannot confirm anything until they go back to their department and discuss it with the Public Works’  investigation department.

There have been studies of the traffic flow and all, including CHP, advised that the traffic study representatives come back to the area at drop off and pick up times at the school.

Public Works representatives said they would go back to their office with the community’s concerns and work on a solution.