Local Schools Dance the Night – and Knight – Away

A medieval family of Shelby, Henrik and son Stefan Thomasian joined in the Valley View Elementary celebration, “A Knight Out With Mom.”
Disco was not dead at Lincoln Elementary School on Friday with help from Dave Taylor and daughter Kaoko.


On Friday, two local elementary schools held parent/child events, which aimed to provide a bonding experience for the families who attended them.

Lincoln Elementary held its annual Daddy-Daughter dance and Valley View Elementary held its Fourth Annual Mother/Son event titled, “A Knight Out With Mom,” this year’s theme being medieval times.

At Valley View, children decorated shields made out of Domino’s pizza boxes and competed in various games such as ring jousting, a balance beam fight between mothers and their sons and a spoon catapult contest where students attempted to shoot objects through holes cut in a cardboard fortress. The night also included dinner for the mother/son teams.

Lincoln Elementary held its annual Daddy-Daughter dance, this year’s theme being “Totally 80s and Disco/Groovy 70s.” Daddies and their daughters dusted off their platform shoes and totally awesome vests and grooved to the ancient music of a bygone era. About 190 people attended the event, which was sponsored by the Lincoln Elementary School Foundation.

The dance has become, according to Principal Bill Card, an “institution at Lincoln.”

Cathy Turansky of Cha’s Catering and parent of several former Lincoln students, catered the event. A group of 14 volunteers, not including the catering company, helped make this event the success it has come to be known for.