Fremont Elementary Celebrates Reading

Photos by Nicole MOORE
Photos by Nicole MOORE

By Nicole MOORE

On March 17, John C. Fremont Elementary School held a Dr. Seuss-inspired assembly in honor of the school’s read-a-thon. The assembly was put on by Theresa Osment’s sixth grade class. The students wrote the script, created the whimsical costumes and designed the set for the hour-long assembly, taking a total of two weeks to prepare.


The theme of the assembly was game shows hosted by the one-and-only “Cat in the Hat.” Teachers in groups of three were put into two teams, named the Daisy Headed Mayzies and the Loraxes. A Jeopardy-style board with categories such as “One Word Titles,” “Famous Favorites” and “Colorful Titles” were offered to the participating teachers. Answers presented included “A little monkey and a man in a yellow hat” and “The book is about a bunny that can’t fall asleep until he says goodnight to his moon.” When each teacher asked the corresponding question correctly, the elementary school students watching the assembly cheered enthusiastically.

Another aspect to the assembly was a spinning wheel placed in front of the auditorium’s stage. Famous children’s book such as Louis Sachar’s “Holes” and “If You Give a Mouse and Cookie” were printed on the wheel. When the wheel was spun to a certain title, two teachers had to eat a type of food, which represented the book’s title, as quickly as possible.

The assembled ended with Osment’s sixth grade class marching through the auditorium dressed as Dr. Seuss characters. There were also gift baskets full of popular children’s books handed out to the most read class of each grade level.

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