And the winner is…….

And the winner is…

A phrase that we heard repeatedly during last Sunday’s Academy Awards program: “And the winner is…”

Well, it’s official – we have a winner of Crescenta Valley Weekly’s First Annual Oscar Ballot Contest where we asked CVW readers to submit their ballots predicting who they thought would take home the coveted Oscar in every category.

We had submissions from all over the United States, from people who found us online to those who read about the contest in the paper. The winner happens to be the first submission we received the night the contest was posted online – Paul Jarnagin of Denver, Colo.

Out of 24 categories that were awarded Oscars, Paul correctly guessed the winners of 18. It was a close race, with the second place participant being only two correct votes behind.

To those who played but did not win, thank you for playing. There will be other contests featured in the paper and online, including another Oscar Ballot Contest next year, so get out to the movies and tell them the Crescenta Valley Weekly sent you.

Congratulations to Paul Jarnagin and keep checking for more contests.