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New Laws for 2016

As with any new year many new laws come into effect from past ballot measures that Californians voted into law. Here is a list of just some of new laws that will affect you, your families and your business. (AB 8, Gatto): A “Yellow Alert” notification system began on Jan. 1, 2016 for specified hit-and-run incidents resulting in death or serious injury. The purpose of the alert is to disseminate information about the hit-and-run suspect and/or information about the suspect’s vehicle on the freeway Changeable Message Signs much like an Amber Alert to help catch the perpetrator.

(AB 1461, Gonzalez): This bill, also known as the California New Motor Voter Act, will automatically register driver’s license and identification applicants at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles who are eligible to vote and will register every voting-eligible resident who applies for or renews a driver’s license or ID card at a DMV office. There is an opt-out provision.

(SB 61, Hill): Ensures that all DUI offenders in Los Angeles and three other counties continue to install Ignition Interlock Devices on their vehicles to protect the public from drunk drivers. A recent report from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) found that IIDs in California have prevented over one million instances of drinking and driving since 2010.

(AB 1014): Gun owners may have their guns seized and taken away “for safekeeping” if a judge deems a person is at risk for violence.

(SB 277, Pan): Vaccinations will be mandatory for almost all schoolchildren, grades K-12 and eliminates vaccination exemptions based on religious or personal beliefs.

(AB 604, Olsen): Hoverboard riders need to be at least 16 [and] wear a helmet and [boards] can be operated at speeds of up to 15 mph on sidewalks, paths or trails, and only on a highway with a speed limit of no more than 35 mph.

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(AB 1465, Gordon): Starting July 1, 2016 you’ll have to show proof of California residency when applying for a driver’s license or identification card in this state.

(SB 491, Transportation Committee): Earbuds or headsets can’t be worn while driving a vehicle or on a bike.

(SB 178, Leno): Law enforcement officers will now need a search warrant to check your phones and electronic communications in order to protect Californians against warrantless law enforcement access to private electronic communications such as emails, text messages and GPS data.

For more specific information about each bill you can look up the bill number on the Internet.

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