Family Dynamics Assistance Center Launches Unique Website to Help Families in Crisis



Pasadena mediator and attorney Mark B. Baer, cofounder of Family Dynamics Assistance Center (FDAC), announced the launch of the new and improved http://FDA.Center, the first online resource of its kind to help families in crisis resolve or manage family issues constructively rather than destructively.

The organization, FDAC, was founded by mediators Baer and Leonard S. Levy, Esq. in 2015. Both Baer and Levy are listed as top-rated alternative dispute resolution attorneys by Southern California Super Lawyers.

Using the website http://FDA.Center, family members gain access to not only mediators and mediation-minded attorneys, but also mental health practitioners, financial professionals and realtors. By using this approach, issues that could quickly escalate the levels of conflict and anger can be handled in a more productive manner that takes into consideration the long-term value of ongoing family relationships. When disputes involve people who will be tied together for life by their familial relations regardless of the result, careful consideration of the process used is essential.

On http://FDA.Center, families will find a map that gives information on various approaches involving any of the following topics: agreements; business (dissolve); business (improve relations); conservatorship; dependency court; estate planning; family formation; family law; financial elder abuse; financial problems; guardianship; improving marital and non-marital relations; palimony; parenting issues; probate; trust administration. Once a topic is selected, additional filters will come up. For most of the topics, the filter is “Cooperative” or “Competitive.”

When “Cooperative” is selected, the client is typically given the following options: Collaborative Law, Conflict Resolution Consulting, Consulting Attorney and Mediation. If they opt for a “Competitive” approach, the site will typically offer “Litigation” and, in family law, “Unbundled Services,” as well.

By hovering over the information icon for any given option, people will learn the meaning of those terms and possibly be provided with a link to an article for additional information. The information helps people understand that even if they are not amicable, don’t trust each other, and a high conflict exists, they can still take a cooperative approach.

“A competitive approach is based upon a ‘winner take all’ mentality,” said Attorney Baer. “It is a ‘zero sum’ game in which everyone is fighting to win, which naturally produces a winner and a loser. This process tends to escalate conflict and distrust among the parties thereby increasing the financial cost and creating further damage to interpersonal relationships.”

On the flip side, a cooperative approach takes into account the “big picture” of the family dynamics involved. It is a problem-solving approach in which people are working to deescalate the level of conflict, to build or rebuild trust, and improve interpersonal relationships to the extent possible.

Noting that California attorneys have no ethical obligation to advise clients of non-litigation options for handling disputes, Baer points out that people should make informed decisions in that regard from the outset. To that end, FDAC will help people realize they have a choice: whether to use a cooperative or competitive approach and then select professionals well suited for that purpose.

By scheduling an initial consultation with a professional directly through http://FDA.Center, individuals receive a low cost consultation with a professional in Southern California and soon nationwide based on the need for this resource. To date, no other website or service has met this need.

For more information on the Family Dynamics Assistance Center, visit http://FDA.Center. To learn more about alternative dispute resolution or mediation, visit