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Thanking Her ‘Village’

The old proverb, “It takes a village…,” rings true in my heart. My son will be graduating from Crescenta Valley High School soon and as I reflect on the past few years I have become increasingly aware of all the people who have contributed to his development and maturity.

Mountain Avenue Elementary was the perfect starting point to learn how to read and write well, grasp math concepts but, more importantly, learn the value of integrity, respect, being true to yourself and embracing others.     These invaluable skills were taught by hard-working teachers like Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Ewing, Mrs. Schroeder, Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Dziok, to name a few.

While in Rosemont Middle School, my son learned to love math with the help of Mr. Weber and embraced the wonders of science demonstrated by Mrs. D’Busco. It was during his time in middle school when he became involved in community service at the YMCA and other organizations through the CJSF program. Those two quick years at Rosemont were significant.

Ah, then came high school…these are the years when I felt the most anxiety! But to my delight, as my son progressed through high school, my worries began to subside as he had several great influences to guide him. Thanks to the expertise of his counselor Mrs. Hairapetian, the enthusiasm of instructors Mr. Platt, Mr. Landisi, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Patton, and Mrs. Engen, the guidance of Coach Pehar, and so many others, my son has made great strides to become a responsible, capable young man ready for college and life.     And, of course, his involvement in clubs and team participation helped him to build many strong friendships over the years.

Personally, I have gained much knowledge and support from the CV Drug and Alcohol [Prevention] Coalition meetings where I learned how to communicate effectively with my children and became educated about various issues affecting children as they navigate through adolescence. These workshops have been valuable in helping me to relate with my children.

Now, as my son’s graduation from CVHS rapidly approaches and I take in all the emotional reflection that comes with this special milestone, I feel so grateful to those who have made it their priority to make a difference in a child’s life. I am also thankful for being in a town that values our children, their well-being and education. It truly does “take a village” to raise our children and it takes a child to help us realize the importance of our community and schools.

Thank you CV! Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

Debra Kallas, Assistant to the Superintendent
San Marino Unified School District

Recognizing Flag Week

Dear President Obama,

The Congress of the United States, by Joint Resolution on June 9, 1966, approved H.J. Resolution 763 proclaiming the week in which the 14th occurs as National Flag Week, and the same resolution requested that the President is to issue every year a proclamation and also to call upon citizens of the United States to display the flag during that week.

The origin of Flag Week is also very special to me because I am one of few people alive that was involved originally with Bill Bailey of Montrose, the Crescenta-Cañada Rotary Club, Don Carpenter, the editor of the Ledger Newspaper, and Congressman H. Allen Smith, on the successful accomplishment of Flag Week.

Every year since 1967 I have sent a letter to each of the Presidents, and sometimes the White House sent a copy of the Proclamation to me. But no publicity is given. This causes me anger and shame because 46 years after the original proclamation, the majority of the people with whom I speak remain in ignorance of Flag Week.

Mr. President, at this critical time in our nation, I would like to make a request. As an immigrant and a proud citizen of this country, I ask you to please make it your business to see that more publicity and public instruction is devoted to Flag Week. Proper recognition of the week is needed for Old Glory to receive proper respect, which our flag richly deserves.

It is my hope that this year, President Obama, you will give some publicity to Flag Week and maybe in the near future we will include in our national calendar this event as a reminder to everyone to display their flag that week.

This is my hope and a reminder to everyone in our communities to put the flag out that week, regardless of what is going to be done nationwide and help to demonstrate that there are still enough good Americans and that patriotism is still alive in our communities.

Vito Cannella

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