CVHS Student Dies after Fall at Campus

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Statement from the GUSD:
“The Glendale Unified School District community is saddened to report that an isolated fatal fall occurred this afternoon at Crescenta Valley High School.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff is investigating a fatal fall by a male student in the high school’s central quad area shortly after noon Friday, February 10.
Crescenta Valley High School immediately secured the area. Students were directed to the football field as the school initiated emergency procedures for the orderly dismissal of students from its emergency gate On Ramsdell Avenue.
“Our thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time. Our first concern is for the well-being of all of our students. Together with our supportive community we will help our students get through this,” said Superintendent of School Dr. Richard Sheehan.
Students are safe and cooperative. Counselors and psychologists have been made available to students and their families. The crisis counseling team will also be on campus all next week.
Additional resources wiLl be posted on the high school and school district websites.”

UPDATE 2:32:
A male Crescenta Valley High School student died after falling from a school building into the quad earlier today. The name of the student has not yet been released.

Crescenta Valley High School principal Michele Doll is preparing a statement that will be released to Falcon parents via the school’s phone ed system. It says, in part, that an isolated incident occurred at lunchtime today and that a student has died as a result of a fall. A crisis team has been ordered to the school to work with all students.

Administrators have evacuated students to the school lower field. Parents or authorized guardians are advised to come to the field to pick up their student(s) before 3 p.m. today.

CV Weekly will continue to provide updates as information is released.

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22 Responses for “CVHS Student Dies after Fall at Campus”

  1. Janine Sabin says:

    The last few days have been difficult and confusing. Collectively we are seeking comfort.

    If your heart is aching and seeking a way to help but you just don’t know how…

    Have a Heart. Show YOU and your family CARE about the Crescenta Valley… it costs nothing- ju…st a little effort and time. Sit down… ask every member of your family to participate. There has ALWAYS been something special about the Crescenta Valley… that’s why SO many of us grew up here, raise kids here AND have lived here for 30+ years!

    Life is precious and at times complicated. Although we don’t have all the answers we have a CHOICE in how we respond… not just with fear, blame & anger (although those are normal emotions in times of tragedy).

    If you know HOPE, even in the midst of difficulty, we can CHOOSE LOVE.

    Create a Valentine’s Card:
    Say “I CARE” and sign your name, age, city and how long you’ve lived here!

    The vision is that these will be collected, sorted & ready for distribution on Valentine’s Day when CV High School re-opens… can you picture ALL 3,200 students and administration getting a card of encouragement that shows we as a community CARE when they return to campus on Tuesday, February 14.

    Want to help with collecting or distributing?
    **Ralphs, La Crescenta has a collection box! drop it off by 5pm on Monday, February 13 so we have time to organize & distribute!!

    **Come to Rosemont Elementary School on Monday, February 13 from 3-5pm: bring cards, friends to make cards and a willingness to help organize the cards for CVHS to have when they arrive Tuesday morning.

    IF YOU PLAN TO COME TO CVHS on Tuesday morning…please come with a heart of CARE for each and every life and family affected. We can surround the community in love and encouragement. We will meet near the track… and disperse from there.

    Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of all these things and still be calm in your heart.

  2. jbird says:

    It was a suicide and tragic for the students and the community. Drew didn’t fall he got a running start and jumped. He did it very publicly..I only hope something good can come from this tragic event. My heart goes out the family..on Tuesday we will be dressed in black in memory of Drew. RIP Drew.

  3. GH0zt__ says:

    i knew this kid, and i knew that he was going through hard times, and that he was being bullied at school.. its terrible to think that KIDS can be that evil.. to make someone end their life.
    to all of you who made fun of this kid i hope you feel disgusted with yourselves..
    you all know who you are, whether you admit it or not.

  4. concerned parent says:

    A massive tragedy on so many levels. With so many people exchanging so many different early stories the need to get factual information is important to the students, parents and others who are filled with questions and don’t know which side stories to listen to or rely upon. Credit to Robin Goldsworthy and the whole staff of the CrescentaValley Weekly to not only get out all available FACTUAL information as quickly as possible but to get the right FACTUAL information out. Every other news reporting service who was reporting on this awful tragedy in the early hours of the event stated the victim was a girl, may not have been a student, etc. As many larger print and broadcast news services in years past have learned that while it is good to be “the first” with breaking news it does a disservice to themselves and the public when they rush a story and then get it worng like most of the other local papers and TV sources did yesterday. Some idiot quibbling over some apparent change (which I could not see in the original story and subsequent first update) should follow the example of his/her site name of CV Reader and actually READ. For now, we should all just take the time to hug our kids, reinforce they love they have and let the kids know they are loved. Life sometimes flies by and we are too busy to take 10 seconds and say you appreciate someone, love them, and value them in their life, whether it be a child, a parent, another relative, a friend or whomever. As this young man exemplifies, life is too short not to treasure and appreciate all the people in our lives on a daily, even hourly, basis.

  5. Jim says:


    Sorry many folks trying to vilify you. The media responsibility is to report FACTS, not myth and innuendo, very difficult in the early stages of an event. It is crucial that the community know the facts. Speculation has no place. If the FACTS hurt a bit, then reporting can present them in an appropriate and sensitive manner, but not hide them. A rush to judgement helps no one. I hope the students are able to work through this and come to an appropriate understanding, regardless of the underlying causes.

  6. Me Me says:

    The school is just trying to maintain there perfect image. I know his family and knew that he had been bullied at school. The administration did not address this situation. They seem to have other priorities. I am sure they were signs of his suicidal thoughts. The school is to take responsibility , how does a student get on the roof?
    Although, I can just blame the school it doesn’t bring him back. I hope he rests in peace and know that he will never be forgotten.

  7. Mitchell says:

    He was an hero to us all

  8. Sonia says:

    It is very tragic with any loss of life. This is a 15 year old Boy, someones child, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend… it is sad that this boy will never be held by the mother that gave him life ever again. What can we say to the family? No one understands truly and deeply unless they themselves have experienced it. For those who knew the boy and his family they were blessed by that honor. Those who did not know him it is unfortunate.

  9. Victoria says:

    There will be a prayer service tonight, Friday, February 19, 2012 at 6:30 pm at Saint James Catholic Church 4651 Dunsmore Ave. La Crescenta, CA
    Please join us in prayer.

    • Victoria says:


  10. CV Alumni II says:

    Thank you Robin. So sad, no matter the cause, a young life has ended too soon. The circumstances, accident or not should remain private, unless the family wishes otherwise. Our place as a community is to offer support to the family, friends and fellow students in the upcoming days. Thank you again Robin, sorry some people choose to blast you with anger. I know where your heart is.

  11. katie 76 says:

    CV reader needs to be ban from comments. When news is breaking it is reported as given. We ALL rely on news feeds to know what is going on with in the community we love.
    CVAlumni is correct lets keep the victims famil,friends and fellow students and our special community in our thoughts and prayers.

    • cvstudent says:

      fact: he did not fall he jumped
      cvreader is pissed that everyone is trying to cover up the facts, he was bullied i was told by his grandparents and he was depressed

  12. CVAlumni says:

    Wow, CV reader, calm down. News is bring reported as it is coming in. Stop being so paranoid. Let’s keep the victim their family and CV students in our thoughts and prayers.

  13. CV Reader says:

    But you hid you made a mistake. What else are you hiding?

  14. CV Reader says:

    Hey… I saw an earlier version of this story that said that was a suicide. Now it’s changed without a note? What’s going on? That seems really unethical.

    • Hi – not unethical – just new information that has been given. We were originally told that it was an apparent suicide and the student jumped. The official statement that was released at 2:30 is that the student died after a fall. We’ll continue to update as new information is released.

      • Mailys H. says:

        No, it was suicide, but people never like to hear those kind of stories so they change it. If you ask most anyone(student) who goes to CV, they will tell you the truth. It’s sad, it’s horrible, but they shouldn’t try to cover up the truth.

    • Dawna says:

      That’s what happens when people are too quick to report on the incident. The district hadn’t released a statement, but word was traveling quickly via the cell phone and sometimes information passed along is not correct.

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