Accusations Made at Council Meeting

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Photo by Ted AYALA North Glendale resident Bill Weisman at the City Council dais during his presentation on Tuesday night.

Photo by Ted AYALA North Glendale resident Bill Weisman at the City Council dais during his presentation on Tuesday night.


Promises of a quiet start to 2012 for the Glendale City Council were dashed on Tuesday night. During the oral communications period of the council meeting, a group of four Glendale residents revealed and submitted for public record alleged evidence of felony convictions against Vanguardians executive director Barry Allen.

Allen is the founder of the Vanguardians, a “community watching” group with affiliates in several other Southern California cities that, according to their website, “[seeks] accountability, effectiveness, and responsiveness from government to ensure integrity.”

Tracing back to his former residency in the Detroit area, reports were unearthed from the Farmington Observer, Detroit Free Press, and Orlando Sentinel detailing past criminal convictions of Allen B. Silvarman.

Barry Allen had used the name Silvarman in the past when he was a radio talk show host.

“I settled in Orange County and got into the radio business as a talk show host. I was using my name… Allen Silvarman and callers had a hard time with it. A focus group helped with the decision to take my first name, Allen and my second name, Barry – I have two middle names and I don’t want to digress into the naming by Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewish parents – and gave me the air name of Barry Allen,” Allen wrote in a Vanguardian newsletter.

On Tuesday, the group alleged the now Vanguardians’ Allen and the convicted Silvarman were one in the same.

According to information presented at Tuesday’s meeting, a plant operated by Silvarman and an associate was raided by federal agents in a Detroit suburb in 1985. Seized by agents was over $335,000 in counterfeit $100 and $20 bills, along with presses producing counterfeit Social Security cards, birth certificates and cashier’s checks.

The newspaper articles reported that counterfeit bills were passed at grocery stores, department stores and banks in the Detroit area and mailed to Orlando residents. According to federal agents quoted in the Orlando Sentinel, these actions were taken to obscure the Detroit operations. The pair pleaded guilty to charges in the case.

None of the four residents represented that Allen was in fact the convicted Silvarman, however did point out the similarities in their history and voiced their concern.

“If Barry Allen is indeed a convicted felon, I think that disqualifies him from credibly criticizing the ethics and morals of others,” said local resident Bill Weisman, who was among those that had made the alleged revelations public. “Any document that Barry has ever submitted to any government agency or any media agency is now suspect…. It could be forged as he has a background in doing [that].”

“It’s also long past time to reduce the inordinate influence that [Allen] has on [this city] due to his close, personal relationships with sitting councilmembers, planning commissioners, former councilmembers, major realtors, and reporters,” Weisman added.

Councilman Ara Najarian reacted with indignation at the revelations.

“This is the guy that accuses me of being unethical?” he asked. “And accuses [former city manager] Jim Starbird of being a crook? I think it’s time for this community to say enough is enough. This individual is a dangerous individual. We need to warn our residents when he comes here pleading for money.”

“A federal felon asking for transparency?” he added. “Really, what’s going on?”

Councilman Rafi Manoukian followed Najarian by saying that Allen’s criminal activities were a “surprise” to him.

Najarian also cited the appropriateness of discussing city issues with certain groups and inquired with the city manager and city attorney as to whether guidelines could be drawn up.

“I’m skeptical about this but I’m willing to talk about it,” said Councilman Manoukian.

When asked why he and his colleagues decided to announce Allen’s past at the council meeting, Weisman echoed Najarian’s description of Allen as “dangerous.”

“This needed to be said right now,” Weisman said. “The evidence came to light to us in the past few weeks. It’s time to break the hold he has on this city.”

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  1. james jones says:

    if indeed mr allen was convicted of a crime he has served his time and been rehabilitated by our system of justice. Who are you people to assume he is not a changed person trying to do something right for this city. Sounds like you all are afraid that he may hold the key to the closet that your own skeletons are kept in.
    Take your back office deals somewhere else, and remember the ones you think
    are in it with you will be the first ones to rat you out when the shit hits the fan.
    Check yourself first and if your free from sin then you should be selling holly water
    on TV and saving souls and not out on some witch hunt.

  2. William says:

    So… guys think that B.A. is a scam……/// Read the indictment of Drayman.
    and you can see your ex-councilman’s photos in the Glendale News Press last week. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Oh Yeh….and just for your info….who keeps tabs on the lawyers..attorneys…city and state officials..judges etc……….(NOT the FBI)
    Think about it.!!

  3. lauren says:

    “Barry Allen” is the daytime name of DC comics hero “The Flash.”

  4. Anonomous says:

    I am completely in shock after reading today’s Glendale News Press and the website Barryallenfacts. I am a regular reader of Vanguardains and now I don’t know what to think and keep asking myself if he is the same Barry Allen. The Glendale News Press says Barry agreed to the accusations, but he was an undercover agent, still is there a photo of his arrest record by the federal agents? How long did he serve? If this is true about Barry than his credibility has been damaged beyond repair and my hats off to Mr. Weisman for his investigative skills in finding this out. I hope the Glendale News Press continues with this story and how about former council member John Dryman he has been mugged by this man.

    Barry, I believed in your Vanguardians and its purpose now I just don’t think you have the credibility to sustain it any longer. You must step aside and let others continue the struggle for true transparency and accountability in city government.

    There is nothing wrong with seeking accountability and transparency in government its how we accomplish it by following the rules and laws and citizens must be more active in their respective cities its are only chance.

  5. Amiee Klem says:

    I think Mr. Barry Allen has been watching too many movies. Have any of you ever seen “Catch Me If You Can” with Leo DeCaprio? Here’s an excerpt:

    “FBI! Come out of the bathroom! Step out of the bathroom! Hands on your head.”

    “Oh, that’s the new IBM Selectric.”

    “Put your hands on your head.”

    “You can change the print type in five seconds.”

    “-Shut up! -Just pop out the ball.

    Put your hands on your head! Put your hands…!”

    “You know, he’s got over 200 checks here, a gallon

    -of India ink, drafting…”

    “-Hands on your head!”

    “Even has little payroll envelopes addressed to himself Catch Me If You Can from Pan Am.”

    “Put it down! Drop it!”

    “Relax. You’re late, all right? My name’s Allen, Barry Allen United States Secret Service.”

    That was transcribed from “Catch Me If You Can”. Still feeling confident with Barry’s excuses, Mr Mohill?

  6. marie lario says:

    Mr. Weisman, you should put the “known associates” page back or, if that particular phrase bothers you, change it to “Barry Allen Associates.” It is very important that those who wish to know about this band of crooks are not swayed or encouraged by the likes of pimps like Rafi Manoukian, Bob Yousefian, Greg Astorian, Rick Barnes, Mike Mohill, Richard Espiritu and others. I am not referring to people who may choose to agree with Allen or disregard his tactics or are even doddering, latent racists looking for a home like Don Mazen. I am more concerned with those who participate with Barry Allen in knowingly and intentionally damaging people inside and outside local government and their families.

  7. truthout says:

    Hal Weber, you are just as guilty as Barry Allen. You appeared in front of council to spout off about the selection of the new city manager, claiming to have insider knowledge that a “fix was in.” You were repeating lies, as though they were facts, spoon-fed to you by the felon barry allen. You were only too happy to believe what you were told, as anything that hurts anyone involved with the city is truth in your cynical and hateful eyes. You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the head. You repeat lies and rumors on your website, and don’t care a whit who you hurt, or if there is any truth to it.

  8. Hal Weber says:

    Be sure to click on this page of Bill & Sharon’s website to see the names of those that they have branded as “Known Associates” of Barry Allen and/or Vanguardians:

    Be careful. If YOU associate with anyone on Bill & Sharon’s list, you also are in danger of being guilty by association!

    • Bill Weisman says:

      Hal, you decided to lie down with the dogs.

      You got up with fleas, and you want to blame that on me?

      Take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

      This is what Hal says about Vanguardians on his web site:

      “For over seven years now Vanguardians, led by Barry Allen, has been working tirelessly to increase accountability of Glendale City Management, staff members, employees, and all elected and appointed officials, including the members of the Glendale City Council.”

      The actual truth, Hal, whether you like it or not, is that you have been supporting and enabling this bunch for years, as they scammed and conned money from the unwitting citizens of Glendale. You have aided and abetted their crimes. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    • Bill Weisman says:

      I’ve retired the “known associates” page. It has served its intended purpose.

  9. A. Mumm says:

    I read Mike Mohill’s comments in defense of Barry’s criminal history and thought my eyes would pop out of my head in disbelief. Not that Barry would invent such a tall tale, but that Mike Mohill would buy it, and then try to sell it! Then I remembered. Mohill is a “retired fertilizer salesman”. That’s the same as “BS Distributor”, right?

  10. Bill Weisman says:

    Since Mr. Mohill has seen fit to use this space to advertise for the Vanguardians website, here’s where people can go for an alternate point of view:

  11. Bill Weisman says:

    So Barry laughed, eh? There’s no possible way he could be laughing any louder than all of us are laughing upon hearing this latest cockamamie story.
    Do you seriously believe Barry was an UNDERCOVER agent? If that’s the case let me offer you a great deal on the Brooklyn Bridge! Only $20, and you get a clear title! Yeah, the real owner, some guy named “Silvarman,” will be happy to sell you a forged quit claim deed, I’m sure.

    And Mike, if you would like to know how we knew where to look for the dirt on
    B. A., it’s called G O O G L E. Ever heard of it?

  12. truthout says:

    Darn, I just sprayed coffee on my keyboard from laughing so hard after reading Mike Mohill’s response. Really Barry Allen? That’s the best you can come up with???

    • Bill Weisman says:

      Barry knows full well that him being an undercover agent for the FBI cannot be proven or disproven by anyone who isn’t in the law enforcement community, and maybe not even then. The FBI will neither confirm nor deny.

  13. Mike Mohill says:

    The hate mongers were out in force last Tuesday night with only half the story on Barry Allen’s life history to do good for the community.. I spoke with Barry Wed. evening and I asked him was he ever in jail or prison… he laughed and I told him about the Thompson’s and the Weismen’s story before the city council. Barry said to me these four people only knew half the story as he was acting as an UNDERCOVER agent for a government agency and the investigation went on for a number of years. Barry spoke about this at his weekly Vanguardian meeting (300 W. Glendoaks Blvd Suite 303, 8am), which was also video streamed live. Several members of the audience asked Barry if he would speak before the next city council meeting… Sure like to know how these individuals knew where to look for the dirt on B.A.? Vanguard publication is available online to the public:

    • marie lario says:

      yeah, mr. mohill, that’s it. barry allen was in reality an undercover agent for the secret service rather than a convicted counterfeiter who served time from 1985 – 1986 in a federal prison. and, his former employee who, according to the treasury agent quoted in the gainsville sun, ny times, detroit free press, la times, boca raton news, farmington observer etc., with whom he conspired to send bogus money from los angeles to orlando, fla in order to create an alibi for the guy to whom barry was providing counterfeit $100 bills on consignment, was just a fabrication to bring down a fine public servant. right. and the moon landing was filmed on a soundstage in chatsworth, the earth is in reality flat, and you are not a lawn gnome. how amazing that this con artist has been allowed to attack decent public servants and private citizens alike while spineless staff at “the other” newspaper in the city published his baloney knowing what a snake he has always been. it is also amazing that the core members of barry allen’s vanguardian crew, namely richard (phony chiropractor) espiritu and mike (expose yourself in public) mohill have, between the three of them, more than half a dozen proven, documented convictions.

    • A. Mumm says:

      Wow. You will believe anything to avoid the truth. Just as Barry Allen will say anything to avoid the truth. He’s like a magician, who draws your attention to one area where you feel you are supposed to be looking, but it’s only a ruse to hide the real trick up his sleeve. I feel sorry for you.

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