Remembering the gift already given


don’t know about you, but the holiday season is truly flying by. Focused as I am on work, as of yesterday we still hadn’t gotten a tree. On Tuesday I gave up on getting to the grocery store myself and sent my son to the store to buy all of the ingredients that will make our Christmas feast. But last Saturday night our family did take the opportunity to indulge in a little of the holiday spirit. Four of our family members piled into dad’s car to check out some lighting displays and even attended a sing-along up on Henrietta.

I so enjoyed the hard work that was evident in the dazzling displays that we saw. Each was beautiful and the amount of work invested was obvious. Bright lights, animation and even music that was in sync to Christmas lights couldn’t help but propel you into the season.

It wasn’t until we arrived at Community Christian Church of the Foothills in Tujunga for its Drive-Thru Nativity that I realized that none of those lawn displays showcased the meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ. Though bold and bright and definitely fun, none of the displays prompted you to remember the birth of whom many consider the savior of the world. Yes, I know that Jesus wasn’t really born on the Dec. 25, that the celebration is in response to the pagan holidays of old, but the fact remains that Dec. 25 is the date that was chosen to remember and honor. Unfortunately too often we forget about that part while hustling and bustling to get the shopping done, gifts wrapped, cards mailed (which yet again I failed to do).

This Christmas season – the season of giving – is a perfect opportunity to step back and remember the gift that has already been given: the gift of faith. Isn’t this gift the one that truly defines Christmas? And certainly it’s a gift that won’t grow old, useless or wear out. The nice thing, too, is that faith is accessible all year long.

So rather than confusing Jesus with Santa, asking for all kinds of goodies that we think will make our lives easier and more entertaining, we don’t have to ask for anything but instead can enjoy the gift already given.

I wish everyone a most Merry Christmas and thank you for all of the support you’ve given the Crescenta Valley Weekly.