Failure of GUSD

Glendale Unified School District failed to even put a school bond measure on the ballot.

This past November, the Long Beach School District got $1.7 billon from school bond Measure Q to keep improving the school sites for their students to be prepared for college and careers. And just six years before, in 2016, LBSD got voter approval for the $1.5 billion bond, Measure E. This raises a serious question as to why our GUSD leadership did not put forth any school bond measure for improvements to our schools? You can imagine what could be done at our schools with bond money in the millions.

GUSD Measure S was passed 11 years ago in 2011 by 70% of the voters. Previous board members and administrators had the foresight to seek bond money to improve GUSD schools for the students.

Why is GUSD not working toward our students’ futures with improved STEM buildings, cafeterias, bathrooms, gyms or even new swimming pools at Hoover and CVHS? The effect of the last bond, Measure S, can be seen at the Glendale High swimming pool alone. The GUSD board website states that its priority is to “Plan for the district’s future educational and facility needs.” Long Beach didn’t just talk about it on its website; they took action and got billions for their students in their schools.

Clearly, GUSD elected officials are not doing their job and dropped the ball by not seeking a school bond measure on the past two ballots for the future of our students.

Erica Passman