Special Item on his Christmas List
Dear Santa Claus,
As more of the public learns about the headaches, heart palpitations, ear ringing, insomnia and pacemaker problems with our new Smart Meters, will the GWP (Glendale Water and Power) and city council members, who approved these meters, continue to stick their heads in the sand and say these naysayers are a bunch of quacks? Whatever happened to erring on the side of caution?

These meters are operating 24/7 not only in our residences, but the RF (radio frequency) and EMF (electromagnetic fields) waves are invisible throughout our city. In addition, the privacy and security issues of these meters are still being hidden from the public. For example, the meters can indicate to the GWP which of our appliances are being used at any one time. Whatever happened to our civil liberties? Also, more people are reporting higher utility bills once the meters have been installed.

The jury is still out for the validity of these Smart Meters and why should Glendale – Burbank be the guinea pigs for the Smart Meter industry?

To add insult to injury, rumor has it the GWP wants to charge some of their very annoyed/concerned customers for the removal of the Smart Meters and for the reinstalling of the old analog ones. In addition, they want to assess a monthly monitoring fee.

Sure wish the GWP didn’t have a monopoly on our utility needs.

Santa, do you have any problems up in the North Pole with your utility company? Would Mrs. Claus be complaining and want to opt out of the SM program as well?

Where is the complaint department, Santa?

Mike Mohill

Offers her POV on CVHS
I read the recent article in the CV Weekly on the issue of the GUSD addressing the possibility of having a closed campus at CV High School and I wanted to give my viewpoint. I have hopes that someone from GUSD will see this letter and be open to my views.

If the campus becomes closed during the lunch hour, I see this as an act of penalizing all students for the bad actions of a few. I was fired from a job one time at a sporting goods store when I was a teenager because one person was stealing from the cash register. I was not the only one fired – all of the employees were. I doubt that this had any particular bad effect on the “real” thief and the rest of us were left with an injustice and a bitter taste in our mouths.

In this case, the boss didn’t know who the offender was, but in the case of CV High, they do know who has violated the law during the lunch hours off campus, so why penalize those that are not committing any wrongs?  The non-offenders deserve their freedoms. Penalize instead, those who offended.

Additionally, I think it is a necessary and positive thing to be able to have a change of environment during the lunch hour, and is therapeutic. It refreshes one to be able to get out for a bit and have a change of scenery and activity.

That’s my vote! I also try to operate from the viewpoint of “treat others as you would want to be treated.” I would not want to be penalized for someone else’s wrongdoings not would I want to penalize someone else for such.

Trissie Badger