Showing the Love

Congratulations to the Montrose Parade Committee! What a marvelous event we shared last Saturday. And, despite the cold temperatures (we Californians
are such babies!), there appeared a good number of folks who turned out for the annual event. Special thanks are extended to Steve Pierce, parade
chairman, who pulled it all together. We opened the office window facing Honolulu Avenue at 4:30 as hot apple cider was brewing and fresh cookies
had just arrived from Berolina Bakery (thanks to Trader Joe’s and Berolina’s
for giving us both). Chris Waldheim from J’s Maintenance and Julia Rabago
from the CV Chamber of Commerce were just two of the many folks who stopped by from 4:30 to 5:30 to get a hot drink and something to nibble on.
At 5:30 we closed up our shop and made our way to Honolulu Avenue and the CV Weekly entry in the parade: a flatbed truck that had been donated to us by Bonners Equipment Rentals (thank you very much, Tim,Liza and Woody). We outfitted the truck with lights, tinsel and plenty of holiday cheer, then donned our coats and mittens and, after what seemed an interminable wait, made our way east along the avenue.
We were accompanied by two paper boys (thank you Phillip and Nathan) and two paper girls (thank you Jessy and Maddy) and two young adults (thank you
Charly and Sabrina – she wearing a skirt made of CV Weekly newspapers).
As expected were plenty of bundled up parade patrons who waved and welcomed us. In addition, though, were the shouts of encouragement.
“We love the paper!” “Keep up the good work,” and “Thank you, CV Weekly!” were repeatedly heard by us. Wow! It was so encouraging to hear all your well wishes. Thank you all very much. We look forward to seeing you again next year along the parade route.
Another new entry in this year’s parade was CVHS Prom Plus. Prom Plus is a post prom event held for our kids. The organization has been around since the early ‘90s, but now there is a campus club that students run and participate in. Sometimes you forget how much energy kids have and let me tell you – speaking as a primary coordinator of Prom Plus, that energy is certainly welcomed by the adult organizers! Prom Plus also had a flatbed truck that was decorated for the parade. Bright lights, a colorful banner and students made the entry particularly grand. All the kids wore Falcon blue Prom Plus T-shirts and either tiaras or top hats and sashes. Also seen on the truck was a mechanical bull, one of the many activities that Prom Plus offers kids to do at the annual event. They, too, received shouts of support, but they also reported many folks mouthing “Prom Plus?” not knowing what it is. Let me take a minute.
Prom Plus is a terrific organization that was started after one of our CVHS
seniors was murdered at an unsupervised post prom hotel party in 1991.
Held every year since 1993, Prom Plus has plenty for kids to do after the
prom, keeping them close to home and safe. One of the organization’s major
fundraisers, the holiday tour of homes, is being held this weekend. Four beautifully decorated homes will be opening their doors to offer sneak peek of
their holiday décor. A bonus boutique is being offered at Flintridge House
on Verdugo Road, too, where there will also be refreshments. Greeters and baked goods are still needed; call Cindy Charles at (818) 389.2266 if you can help out. Home Tour tickets are $25 and available at Merle Norman Cosmetics, the UPS stores, the chambers of commerce, the high school and here at the CV Weekly office. I urge you to take a minute and visit the Prom Plus website,, and learn what the organization is all about.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly. She can be reached at