How To Keep Water Running in SoCal

The effort to conserve water in Southern California has been a challenge for many years. However, our representatives have encouraged and approved developers to build major housing and commercial structures at a tremendous rate in our cities and suburbs. It is obvious that there is little to no consideration regarding the impact it has on our water source and infrastructure.

These developments impact on our limited water source, and provide a greater need for electricity, better sewers, more schools, etc. Our law enforcement is understaffed, which creates a challenge for them to deal with the increased crime rate and traffic control problems due to the population growth. We should ask ourselves who really benefits from this so-called progress from over development.

Obviously, the developers benefit the most! During construction they obstruct our streets, use our water, our electricity, contaminate our environment with their massive equipment and make noise that sometimes exceeds the human safe decibel level. Then we have our politicians who relish the increase tax revenue. We can always be certain our utility rates will go up due to inadequate natural resources and then we are asked to conserve. When a cowboy has only enough water for his horse and himself in the middle of the desert he doesn’t invite more horses to drink.

Who suffers mostly from this so-called progress? First, the senior citizens who manage to survive on Social Security. Then there are the low-income families who live on a shoestring. Many of them must vacate their homes due to lack of funds. The only recourse for some is to live on the streets.

It is obvious that our tax dollars are not being managed in our best interests! Many politicians are overpaid and spend too much on incidentals and not on their constituents’ needs.

One must keep in mind that our country may only survive if we function as a “Republic.” In accordance with our Constitution, the people should rule.

Andy Gero

La Crescenta



Favors Candidate McCreary

It was only a couple of weeks ago when my amazing neighbor and absolute favorite human looked at me and said, “Guess who’s running for the school board?”

My immediate response as one of her biggest fans was (of course), “Is this a paid position?” I know her, and I know the level of commitment she has for her beloved GUSD, so I was just making sure. 

When it comes to this position, I couldn’t think of anyone who could measure up to the passion, enthusiasm and boundless energy that Joy McCreary will bring to the board. I remember how she embraced her position as a student school board member her junior year in high school. To me, I see this as a culmination of everything she has done for as long as I can remember. 

Joy loves school and her academic record is a reflection of that. She graduated from UCLA with two majors, joined Teach for America as she completes a master’s degree, and uses her first love of school to teach kids who are less fortunate. Joy has been an active part of this community and this school district for several years now. She has always strived for greatness in everything she does, has always been an advocate for fellow students, and she will always choose the kids above all else. I couldn’t be more proud to know this brilliant young lady, and I couldn’t be more proud to see her on the GUSD school board. I am confident she will continue to make our community proud. Her name says it all, and that’s exactly what she brings to our lives.

Julie Wade

La Cañada