Letters to the Editor

Supports the Bioelectric Generation Project at Scholl Canyon Landfill

The bioelectric generation project at Scholl Canyon Landfill is a responsible use of a renewable energy source. The methane being emitted from the landfill at Scholl Canyon for the next 30 years should be put to beneficial use. Using it to generate electricity will not result in any additional pollutants than the gas being flared. Without electric generation, the methane must be flared emitting the same pollutants without any benefit. Failing to use the methane to generate electricity will also require no renewable energy being imported into Glendale to meet Glendale’s electric needs.

This project can help us in that direction. The project is a steady renewable energy source that will help stabilize the intermittent nature of other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. The project can provide 10% of the base energy we need at this time.

Opposing the project on environmental grounds, as some do, is not consistent with responsible long-term environmental planning that should anticipate the future needs of electrification of homes and transportation. As we transition to the use of electricity in transportation and electrification of homes, the demand on GWP to provide power is only anticipated to increase. This transition will not materialize without reliable electricity that GWP can provide from a renewable source such as this project. Those who oppose the use of this renewable energy will stunt this transition and inhibit the many more environmental benefits of electrification of homes and vehicles that far outweigh any claimed environmental detriment this project might have.

Roland Kedikian

Editor’s note: The letter is the opinion of the writer and not the GWP Commission of which he is a member.


CV Legislative Boundaries in Danger

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission’s latest draft maps radically alter the Crescenta Valley’s boundaries for our congressional and assembly districts. Unlike the Nov. 2 draft maps, which kept our boundaries virtually unchanged, the Nov. 10 version severs Sunland-Tujunga from La Crescenta and La Cañada and severs the Glendale portion of La Crescenta from the rest of the City of Glendale.

If these maps become final, the changes will have serious repercussions for issues such as the Hollywood Burbank Airport and the bullet train, to name a few.

La Crescenta and La Cañada would be placed in a narrow congressional district that runs as far east as Interstate 15. Our Assembly district would run even farther east and would be about 60 miles long. Not only do communities along this corridor have very different interests but the sheer distance would make it harder for elected representatives and their staffs to get to know and to serve us.

Regardless of political affiliation, we all have a stake in living in cohesive districts made up of communities [that] share common interests. I urge you to contact the Commission at votersfirstact@crc.ca.gov and tell them to return to the Nov. 2 maps.

Mary-Lynne Fisher
La Crescenta

Member, Crescenta Valley Community Assn. Steering Committee
President, Crescenta Highlands Neighborhood Assn.


Helping With a Holiday Tradition

It’s that time of year again when I ask my friends and family to help me host our annual Christmas party for people with disabilities. Our family has been holding this event for over 40 years and a couple of our guests have been coming almost that long. Because of the pandemic this tradition did not happen last year and our friends really missed it. Again we have to cancel this year’s “in-person” party, but we have another plan.

This group is comprised of exceptionally disabled men and women who range in age from 25 to 70. This year we are not going to let Christmas go by without some sort of outreach. We have identified about 20 individuals who we are going to personalize a gift bag for and on Dec. 11 whoever is interested will caravan and make a personal holiday delivery!

What I’m asking for is simple: Start the holiday season by helping me share with these wonderful people what the true meaning is of Christmas. If you can, you can sponsor one of these gift bags by either filling it or making a donation for us to fill it. Or you can drop off a new wrapped gift that could be given that day to one of our guests. It could be anything appropriate for a man or a woman … just make sure it’s new … wrap it, label it and drop it off to me.

If I’m not home, leave it on the porch. You can instant message or email me for details. The cost of the item is insignificant as I have learned from my many years with this special group that they are truly happy with anything.

We’ve all had some difficult moments during this pandemic … these difficult moments are even harder for this population because routine and consistency is so very important to them. We want to put a smile on their face and let them know that we remember them.

I thank you in advance for making a difference during this special time of year. We also remember my dad, Vito Cannella, who started this tradition decades ago and we honor him by serving others. With all of my love and appreciation … and an early Merry Christmas to all!

Grace Chase