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My best friend’s daughter is a college junior and a sorority leader. She told me that today’s co-eds drink flavored vodka. I immediately made the leap to all of the kid-friendly e-liquids and vape juices inhaled through e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Fruits, spices, confections and sours are popular flavors for both. Kids are vulnerable to the glitz and glamour of adult vices. Punch flavored nicotine and pb & j flavored vodka are lures designed to hook them.

I’ve been in Florida so I don’t know what’s the latest with Starbucks selling wine. Many people are concerned about increased access to alcohol and/or people who drink alcohol in a place where students congregate. Where my mind jumped is to caffeine. Why is caffeine, a stimulant to the central nervous system that, while it may not be addictive, may cause physical dependency, okay for young people? Again, it’s the sweet and familiar flavors in an iced Frappuccino – basically a milkshake for teens – that build a new consumer base. Same goes with energy drinks. They come in eye-catching cans favored by the “cool” kids.

And we all know edible marijuana is sold as candy, baked goods and teas.  Synthetic marijuana is sold in colorful packets. Catchy names for different strains of both products facilitate consumption.

What’s a parent to do? Keep talking to your kids about ads. If, like me, you’re watching sports you’ll have lots of chances to drop some knowledge on your kids. If you are drunk on beer, wait. It’s most important to set good examples.

Finally, I want to invite you to our next quarterly Strategic Partners meeting on Friday, Dec. 11 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital Council Rooms, 1812 Verdugo Blvd. 91208. Everyone is welcome! It’s a great chance to learn, to network and to be with key stakeholders working to help prevent underage substance abuse.

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