Anita Had Two Clocks
I spent several years working with Anita Peet Geyer in Peet Stationers including the time of her passing. I too was an inheritance recipient.

Working in that store was like “stepping back in time” as Anita never threw anything away! You never knew what you would find hidden in the rafters – things from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s and there were always collectors coming in looking for hidden treasures. I could write a sitcom on Anita Geyer.

Reading Mike Lawler’s column on Nov. 3 “Anita’s Montrose Town Clock,” I realized people may not have known that Anita has another clock in Montrose.

Hanging on the wall in Peet Stationers was an old clock everyone wanted and also the old cash register. To open the register you had to reach around the back and pop the lever and of course it couldn’t add nor give a receipt – but it was history!

One day I walked into Peets and there were painters giving the store a facelift. My heart fell to my feet when I looked up and saw these “brainless” painters had painted the old clock green. It was already dry so there was no way to wipe it off.

During that time there were two police officers that walked the streets of Montrose. They both wanted the clock to hang in the COPPS office.

She did and that’s where it hangs today. There was a sign underneath it telling its history but its not there now.

I wish they would put the sign back and relate its history to Anita’s “other clock” on Honolulu Avenue.

Also in the COPPS office is a cabinet form Peet Stationers. They have brochures in it. It too should have some ID on it as to its history.

I know Anita would love the fact that her store clock hangs in COPPS and that she will long be remembered by her clock on Honolulu.

Anita loved her country and her community. On holidays she always made holiday signs to put in her window. Today the sign I would pick out for her window would be one of her favorites: “Lest We Forget.”

Patt Kerr

A Note of Thanks
Another title for the Montrose we love is the “Community of Kindness.”

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, in the middle of their busy afternoon, imagine the new Trader Joe’s parking lot, blocked and not moving because my car was “incapacitated,” blocking the flow of cars in and out. But this is Montrose and from all around me came good people offering their help, patient people who could not move their cars. These people had me ready to drive away in a very short time and they did this so quickly I was unable to give them my thanks:

To the lady who kept reassuring me and provided the Phillips head screwdriver that was needed (her husband insisted she keep one in her car, and I know he just smiled when he said “I told you so”);

To the lady who was on her knees with the screwdriver to solve the problem;

To the young Trader Joe’s employee who furnished the muscle on that last, stubborn, screw;

To all those folks who waited so patiently to move their cars:

I wish to offer my thanks. Montrose is truly a wonderful community to live in. So many random acts of kindness were and are greatly appreciated.

All hail Montrose, and to all who share in and cherish its uniqueness!

Betty and Tom Densmore
(59 years in the Foothills)