It has been an amazing honor to represent so many great communities in the State Assembly over the past six years.  The support I received on election night six years ago and during my entire time in office since then has filled my whole family with encouragement and inspiration.  You have welcomed me into your homes and generously shared your time, experiences and advice with me.

As my Assembly term comes to an end, so many folks who I had not met before have offered kind words and encouragement. Many have inquired after my mom and my children. It’s amazing how much folks remember about Sofia and Bella and how much you care about the well-being of the Portantino family. Frankly, I could not have been so steadfast in my efforts to forge an independent course in Sacramento without your strong support at home. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Even on issues for which some have disagreed with me, local folks have done so with tremendous respect and a positive discourse. None of the divisive rhetoric that is too often on display around our state, nation and on the radio seems to be present in the 44th Assembly District. That is a testament to the thoughtful individuals and families who fill all of our neighborhoods.

During my time in the legislature, I was able to open up Assembly budgeting and successfully pass 38 bills signed by governors of two parties. This was a benefit of the lessons learned from my time in local government. I have learned that most people want the system to work and want those in power to be transparent and accountable. You understand and embrace those values.  Thank you for sharing them with me.

Ellen, Bella, Sofia, my mother Barbara and I thank you for allowing me the honor of earning your support and for the warmth and love we have felt.
Anthony J. Portantino
Assemblymember, 44th Assembly