Letters to the Editor


Mike Lawler’s attempt to conceal St. Luke’s on-going history of the congregation’s relationship with a denomination that openly approves of homosexuality is most regretful. The church members are aligned with heretical clergy  which concedes to the worldly whims of this breach with true Christian doctrine. Such leaders destroy the Scriptures they are ordained to uphold. Contrary to Mike’s suggestion, in answer to his inquiry: “What now?” it would be helpful for the membership to renounce the Episcopal Church’s failure to condemn the sin of homosexuality. God is not silent on this issue, and neither should the good people of St.Luke’s who have been entrusted with this “treasure” in La Crescenta.

Ken Grissom

La Crescenta


Robin Goldsworthy’s column on our dirty foothills reinforced why I love having a community paper! It’s this type of “hits-close-to-home” musings that make for a real, hometown newspaper. I appreciate the serious news and issues that CV Weekly covers, but it’s refreshing to read about what it’s like to live in the foothills – the good, the bad, and the dirty!

Separately, I noticed that the Weekly’s letters policy is so democratic (in style, content, length, etc.) that it allows letters that are mean-spirited and humiliating. I’m specifically referring to Grace Andrus’s letter against Wendy Alane Smith.

I don’t know Ms. Andrus or Ms. Smith. I do recognize Ms. Andrus’s name from the letters or commentaries she’s previously penned. The severe words that Ms. Andrus used to discredit Ms. Smith were unnecessary. Let’s give the readers, residents and voters of this community some credit for being smart enough to see through insincere candidates.

While I respect the right to freedom of speech, it’s too bad that harsh, personal insults are not edited by the editorial team for brevity.

Please take my comments in the best of spirits. I appreciate and respect what the CV Weekly does to enrich our community.

Vickie McCoy
La Crescenta


I would like to address the recent article by Jim Chase and his portrayal of the new Walgreens. He describes it as ugly architecture, an eyesore; with the look of a high density strip mall which in no time will be looking shabby.

There are good design guidelines for this area and Walgreens is not only following them but additionally they have gone beyond what was required.

I am not sure where Mr. Chase normally shops, but I don’t believe I have ever seen a shabby Walgreens, so why would he assume the one being built in La Crescenta will be? The Chamber of Commerce encourages new business, but articles such as this can make investors think twice about the welcome and support they might expect to receive.

We are all working on improvements, but it’s a little unfair to compare any new building to the $14 million dollar library.

Jean Maluccio, President

Crescenta Valley
Chamber of Commerce


The letter from Grace Andrus in your Nov. 5 issue was quite dis”grace”ful. I don’t know Wendy Alane Smith but for a member of the CVTC to so viciously slam a candidate in writing reflects very poorly on Ms. Andrus. It reeks of “agenda.” If this is the kind of interaction that goes on in the Town Council why would anyone want to be involved? I also have to wonder about who at the Crescenta Valley Weekly thought it would be a good idea to print such a diatribe? Couldn’t you have waited until after the election? Yes, I know, freedom of speech and all but this type of uncivilized blather does no one any favors.

Tim Jones

La Crescenta


It is so great to see so many good people serving our community. This week, council President Steve Pierce said to me, “Wendy, I look forward to seeing you involved in our community and making our community even better than it already is. I believe you have the talent and capability to do that.”

Kim Mattersteig said, “Your passion for Crescenta Valley is obvious and I respect you for it.”

Thank you both. I do love this community and the Town Council can count on me to be an extra set of hands in many CVTC projects throughout the year.

As a bonus, Grace Andrus has offered to meet with me and give me tips about how to succeed in politics. She says, “I see a lot of potential in you, Wendy. Your energy would be good for the community… after some of the edges are smoothed.”

Thanks Grace.

It’s true: I sing at forums. And community fundraisers. And yes, I love bringing attention to myself doing good deeds, it encourages more people to do them. And I do have a big personality and it’s as big as my heart of service. Ask anyone who knows me. I was just born that way! I use it to serve anywhere I can.

Grace, thanks for the tips but need I mind you I received 404 votes for the water district election, more than the total of all the Town Council votes combined. There were only 323 voters out of almost 20,000 residents.

Having two elections in two separate places probably affects voter turnout. Perhaps the elections should be combined to make it easier for the community. Or next year I suggest that each person who attends the CV Town Council breakfast on election day should vote first, get a sticker, then present their sticker so they can eat those delicious pancakes!

In the coming year I intend to work with newly elected Todd Thornbury on getting higher visibility for the Town Council and increasing community participation. I want our community to be more involved with the Town Council and with each other. I also want more delicious restaurants in La Crescenta, perhaps theatre and a community center. Good thing I am an excellent fundraiser!

The Town Council is a wonderful organization and I am looking forward to serving as a council woman in 2010. [To] everyone who voted for me in the water district election: remember to vote for me next year in the Town Council election. We can impact conservation from either position, which is why I ran for both in the first place. Remember: without water we don’t have much of a future here.

Wendy Alane Smith

La Crescenta

Offers thanks and a challenge

I have to start off by stating that this is coming from me as a resident and not in affiliation with any organization I am involved with.

First, I would like to thank everyone who ran for the recent elections. Both the CV water board and the CV Town Council had elections recently and those elected now have a responsibility to fulfill those duties. You now have the trust of the people in your hands.

But I really want to thank those who ran but did not win seats. These people put their lives on hold, subjected themselves to candidate forums where they have about two seconds to formulate a thought (and try their best to express it). These candidates are now, I’m sure, disappointed if they did not win a seat. I would like to encourage them to remain involved in our community. They love living here as much as I do, and we need good volunteers.

I would also like to challenge these folks a bit. Come to our council meetings, water board meetings or chamber mixers. Network, socialize, have fun and get to know what is happening locally.

I hope to see each of you at these events this year, and again on next year’s ballots.

Steve Goldsworthy

La Crescenta