Letters to the editor

Congratulations from the CV Chamber

On Nov. 5, the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce and community members will recognize the outstanding individuals who constantly contribute their time enriching the quality of life in the Crescenta Valley.

Man of the Year Steve Pierce semi retired a few years ago and has devoted his time to the C V Town Council, CV Chamber, Montrose Christmas Parade, Parks, Fire Safety and yes, those great fireworks shows along with many other numerous events in the community.  Woman of the Year Rita Even has served as the La Crescenta Woman’s Club president for the past five years. During her leadership she  spearheaded the refurbishment of the clubhouse, preparing for the 100 year celebration in 2011.

Volunteer of the Year Steve Goldsworthy has been active in all phases of public safety from reserve police officer to EMS reserve coordinator for the Pasadena Fire Department. He has used his FAA pilot certificate to offer numerous helicopter flights for community fundraisers.

Organization of the Year is the Montrose Search & Rescue Team. This dedicated team trains tirelessly in order to respond to a wide variety of emergencies and is the busiest search & rescue team in the country. Their response is 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

Beautification Award goes to the new La Crescenta Library scheduled to open in January 2010. Honors go to Supervisor Antonovich and the committee he selected to oversee the design and other aesthetics.

Educator of the Year is CVHS math teacher Lisa Reed. Lisa goes the extra mile to make sure her students really understand, and believes in every one of them. She is committed to preparing struggling students for the CA High School Exit Exam by targeting their area of need.

Business of the Year is The Trophy Shoppe owned by Cathy Kerley. Along with all the sports organizations, several customers are non-profits who appreciate the company’s willingness to work with them. Cathy, Joy and Travis are a real pleasure to work with.

Student of the   Year Yoon Lee’s exemplary academic work is matched by the depth of the commitment to both  the school and community. She has contributed over 700 hours beyond the classroom in serving the JROTC and community.

California Highway Patrol Officer Andre Primeaux’s dedication is an asset to the community, maintaining communications from his commander to the councils, community groups and legislative contacts.

Deputy Randy Forney is a 24 year veteran of the sheriff’s department being a part of the Crescenta Valley station for the past 15 years in a variety of assignments. Deputy Forney has been commended several times by the citizens of Crescenta Valley.

Agent Charlton Vidal has been with the Glendale Police Department for over 20 years, and is one of the department’s field training officers responsible for mentoring, developing and training newly hired police officers.

Jean Maluccio

Crescenta Valley

Chamber of Commerce Don’t forget to vote – CVWD and CVTC

This is the last edition that will have water district candidates appealing for your vote. Then next week it will be the Town Council elections. Please don’t get them mixed up. CV Water District is a regular county election Tuesday, Nov. 3 with polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. You should have received a pamphlet from the county telling you where your precinct is. The county voting sites are at a church in Montrose, CVHS, both Monte Vista and Mountain Avenue elementary schools and two residences, one on Pinelawn just off Pine Cone and the other on Vista Del Arroyo up in the Briggs area. Why is it important to vote for water? Just imagine turning on your faucet and there isn’t any.

There are six candidates vying for three seats. Please consider each candidate individually and choose those who you feel know the issues the best and will help our small water district to compete for our share of water at the best rate possible. More information about the candidates is on www.thecvcouncil.com website.

Thanks for voting.

Danette Erickson

La Crescenta

Offers opinion on CVWD candidates

The Crescenta Valley Water

District board of directors election is Tuesday, Nov. 3. There have only been two times (this year included)

that the incumbents ran opposed – the previous time was in 2007. All three of the incumbents were appointed to their seats without a single vote! Surprisingly this time there are six candidates (three incumbents and three challengers) vying for the three open seats on the board.

Here are five items worth considering before you vote.

1. The district’s emergency plan, which was last updated in 2004, does not have sections for wildfires or floods. During the Station Fire, the district operated under the procedures for “Water Shortage.”

2. A few years ago the board voted to cut down the mature pine trees that surrounded their district office on Raymond Avenue. Director Yardemian chaired the committee that hired the landscape company and recommended the removal.

3. During the Station Fire, many residents watered down their homes and properties and now face much higher than normal water bills. The district has $750,000 in emergency reserves, yet no board member has proposed providing relief to those customers.

4. The City of Los Angeles tiers their water rates based on lot size, temperature zone and household size, yet the CVWD does not and considers all properties equal.

5. The board has refused to state that increasing development, particularly of multi-family units, increases water consumption, yet they will not provide evidence to the contrary.

It is time for a change!

Kerry Erickson and James Bodnar will add fresh ideas and new ways of thinking as the board faces ever increasing challenges in the next few years.

Though an incumbent, Richard Atwater will provide the continuity of his experience on the board, as well as his technical knowledge and expertise.

Please make your voice heard on Tuesday Nov. 3rd, no matter whom you choose.

Sharon Raghavachary

La Crescenta

Trash Bins

Jim Chase’s commentaries continue to be a favorite of mine. As a Glendale/Crescenta Valley native, his observations usually resonate with many of us. The subject of trash bins was no exception. Here’s a small suggestion that might help a little: We assessed our “trash” output on a weekly basis and decided to get bins that matched our family’s needs. We kept one 96-gallon bin, but exchanged the other two for a 60-gallon and 30- gallon and BFI was happy to oblige. While we didn’t receive a rate reduction (I believe Glendale did at one time to encourage all 3 R’s of recycling), they are taking up a little less space.

Tom Lusby

La Crescenta

Thanks to NCL

I am a Ticktocker in the Glendale

Chapter of the National Charity League, and I would like to thank and say congratulations to Mrs. Susan Artime, Mrs. Katherine Harb, Mrs. Karen Ismale and Mrs. Alison Lockwood for organizing a fabulous “Sellabration” Rummage Sale. The event was hosted two weeks ago and was a very meaningful and fun experience for the Ticktockers and Patronesses of our Chapter. All of the money made is going

to the charities we support, including the 12 Oaks Retirement Home in La Crescenta.

The turnout was great! Many people were able to buy really nice items at discounted prices. The little kids I saw shopping were having a great time picking out fun toys and games to take home and enjoy. I was proud to work the

rummage sale, and I am proud of our chapter for hosting this event.

Rebecca Weitzel


Found joy in

returning to St . Luke’s

I feel I must respond to Kenneth

Grissom’s letter in the Oct. 22 edition of the Crescenta Valley Weekly (“Chastises Those Who ‘Follow Misguided Leaders”). He says a gloom has passed over his righteous community. I returned to St. Luke’s of the Mountains Episcopal Church on Sunday, Oct. 18 after a six year absence. What I experienced was far from gloomy but rather a joyful and spiritual celebration of God’s allinclusive


Mr. Grissom seems to suggest that anyone who doesn’t believe in strict adherence to the laws set down in Leviticus is not a true Christian and is “following false leaders.” Leviticus does in fact condemn homosexuality as it does unruly children who curse or disobey their parents and people who cheat on their spouses. Leviticus goes on to demand that all of these people be put to death. Oh yes, and Leviticus also says it’s alright to have slaves as long as they’re not from your own country. Mr. Grissom has a right to believe anything he chooses but I would suggest that too much time spent on the condemnations of Leviticus and too little celebrating the teachings of Jesus (who never mentioned homosexuality) would make anyone gloomy.

Patrick McDonald

La Crescenta

Elect Experience to the CVWD Board

Five generations of my family have lived in La Crescenta. They built their homes here and raised their families in the beautiful foothills. I want to do more than just continue my family legacy here; I would like to give back to the community that has provided all of us with such a wonderful place to live.

There are six candidates that are running for election on the Crescenta Valley Water District board. Unlike in many past water board elections, you have a choice of candidates. On Nov. 3 you will have the opportunity to cast your vote. All of the candidates are dedicated and hard working people. However, I encourage that you look beyond just dedication, and look at the experience and qualifications of each candidate. I believe that my background and experience set me apart.

I have over 12 years experience in water resource management at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. I graduated from Stanford University with an M.S. Civil Engineering degree, where

I studied water and waste treatment, groundwater, and policy development. I am also a licensed Professional Civil Engineer and a certified water treatment and distribution operator. I have experience with our imported water supply, which accounts for about 50% of our drinking water. I also have experience in managing groundwater supplies that accounts for the balance of our water supply. I believe that my experience and qualifications will help improve the management of the district.

My main priority as a board of director will be to provide your family with safe and affordable drinking water in an environmentally responsible way. Considering that the current board has proposed an increase in water rates, my first task will be to listen to your feedback and improve our water rate structure to make the charges more equitable and encourage conservation. I will also work to modify the flat rate sewer charge so that the charge is fairly prorated based on indoor water usage. Another important goal I have is to improve the outreach to the community and to take the time to listen to your concerns. I encourage you to learn more about each candidate and to elect experience to the Crescenta Valley Water District board on Nov. 3.


James Bodnar