It was so nice to see such a great article on Fred Koegler and his long career as a Yosemite National Park ranger (“Still Riding High After 50 Years,” Oct. 15). I was a student of his at Verdugo Hills High School when he taught a semester-long forestry class in 1979. I loved that class because of his knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for the forests and national parks. He told us he was a summer ranger at Yosemite and shared some great ranger stories and slides which greatly interested and impressed me.

I still think of “Mr. Koegler” whenever my husband and I visit Yosemite now and what a great class that was. And, by the way, he was the coach for a championship girls cross-country team that year as well.

Teachers always say they hope they can influence the life of at least one student in their career. Well, thank you, Mr. Koegler, you definitely influenced my life-long love of the national parks and forests. I know I’m not the only one, either. Kudos to him on such long and illustrious teaching and park ranger careers.

Kathy Reger-Souza
Carson City, Nevada