Cheers Chase
Another important consideration that you didn’t mention in your excellent and right-on column, Jim [“To The Tall Twerp I Almost Ran Over,” My Thoughts Exactly, Oct. 3] was that the idiot was really lucky that the person behind the wheel didn’t have a heart attack trying to stop in time. In that case, the kid would have caused the death of someone’s dad/mom, brother/sister or child while causing their own death!

We’ve seen some things like this a lot but nothing quite this badly ignorant and arrogant!

The whole community – all ages – should thank you for writing this.

We do [and we’re] glad we had you still here to report it.

Liz Nelson
La Crescenta

Charles Beatty – The Right Candidate
In less than two weeks, on Nov. 5, we are scheduled to have elections in the Crescenta Valley. We will fill out our absentee ballot or head to the polls. I ask you to consider Charles Beatty for Crescenta Valley Water District (CVWD) board of directors. He deserves your vote as the candidate most uniquely qualified for this seat. He has served as a member of the CV Town Council and in that capacity has proven to be very effective councilman, forward thinking, reasonable and hard working. He was a member and past president of the Crescenta-Cañada board of realtors and a former chief executive officer of the Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce. He has lived and worked in the Crescenta Valley for the past 65 years.

These past two elections, rising water and sewer rates were two of the major campaign issues. However no campaign promises have been met, no solutions have been remarked, and no movement or action towards a better course for our community has been undertaken. It is time to hold the current board members, specifically three of them that are running for re-election, to their campaign promises. They promised to obtain reduction in water and sewer rates for the residents and reduce dependence on expensive imported water. Instead the past four years, the prices of water and sewer charges have increased dramatically every year.

Charles Beatty is uniquely qualified to assess the difficult problems facing CVWD and work towards a brighter future as he has promised to look for several options to reduce the cost of water and sewer rates. One of the options is using solar power projects to reduce electricity which is a major component in water delivery cost. Another option is to take care of CVWD’s capital expenditures such as infrastructure repair by offering municipal bonds at a low interest as it has been done the past.

I am very pleased to support Charles’s candidacy for the board of directors. I am sure he has the interest of this Valley’s residents as their voice will be heard and met by him.

Please join me in voting for Charles Beatty for CVWD District board of directors.

Vasken Yardemian
Former CVWD Board of Directors