Easy Job

I have the easiest job in LCF. I am the campaign treasurer for Ernest Koeppen, the man who is seeking to be elected to the La Cañada school board, but is not seeking contributions to fund his campaign. Ernest believes that local school board campaigns should not be a political campaign, but a grass root effort. Therefore, by and large, he is funding his own campaign from his own modest means. A few people have asked him to take money and he has reluctantly accepted, but he has not solicited any donors. That makes my job easy.

To me, Ernest Koeppen is the best-qualified candidate for the LC school board. He is [a] hands on businessperson who believes in rolling up his sleeves and getting to work on solving problems. Ernest believes in citizen involvement in the education of our youth and has worked closely with students at the high school teaching them skills the school district can’t afford to fund. He has been an active community worker in the Kiwanis Club, the Tournament of Roses and the Paradise Canyon PTA. He is a quiet guy who gets things done!

Koeppen believes, as I do, that there is much too much talk on the school board and not enough critical thinking going into solving the serious fiscal problems the school district faces. Koeppen has the educational background and experience to bring technology and sound problem solving to bear on solving the complex problems facing the governing of our schools.     Enough talk! Let’s put someone on the board that is a strategic thinker who is equipped to solve the problems. We need action right now. I fully support and endorse Ernest Koeppen and hope others will join me in voting for Ernest.

P.S. Ernest wants to give the kids back the four days of instruction taken from them, and I’m all for that, as are many parents and citizens.

Al C. Restivo
Former chair, La Cañada Flintridge Public Safety Commission