Offers Thoughts on November Prop
Proposition 6 – Repeal of the Road Repair and Accountability Act. This measure added 12 cents a gallon additional to the gas tax. We Californians are now paying a gas tax of 76.7 cents per gallon (federal 18.4 cents and state 58.3 cents). Any tax increase not only costs us at the pump but also adds costs to all goods that we purchase. The additional transportation [tax] costs, for example, for UPS Ground, a surcharge of 7.75% and FedEx, a surcharge of 8.25%. And diesel has a surcharge over 10%.
California now has the second highest gas tax (missing by one cent the highest state of Pennsylvania). If I remember correctly, the original purpose of the gas tax was to keep our roads in repair. California now has the highest income taxes, property taxes and sales taxes, so where is all this money going?
California has the fifth largest economy in the world, so why are we taxed this much?
I read that the state is in debt 1.3 trillion dollars. There are four propositions on the November ballot asking for permission for more debt. This type of government behavior can no longer be tolerated.
Make your vote count and send a clear message. We need better managers of the [world’s] fifth largest economy! Vote yes on Prop 6.
Ken Grayson, owner
Grayson’s Tune Town


Glendale Needs Measure S
It’s important that all of us vote yes on Measure S in the Nov. 6 elections next month. This is a [0.75%] sales tax measure that puts revenues back into our City and allows us to have local control of our funds.
You will be surprised to know that over 85% of our current sales tax goes to the State of California and the County of Los Angeles. That’s right. In 2018 alone, our City is expected to give $90 million to the County of Los Angeles in special sales tax. What do we get in return? $15 million.
Measure S is a sales tax that permits us to keep 100% of revenue and use it for what matters to us and what we have come to expect in Glendale: improve our local streets, maintain public safety officers and enhance our parks and community centers, among other things. Measure S amounts to less than one penny on every dollar spent (and not to worry, our groceries aren’t taxed). From Measure S, we can expect to receive nearly $30 million in annual revenue. Remember, we keep 100% of revenue and have 100% local control.
In addition, as part of the Measure, the City must implement accountability procedures and ensure fiscal responsibility for the revenues raised. There will certainly be public oversight of the funds to ensure that it is spent appropriately.
For more information, visit www.VoteYesOnMeasureS.org or email info@voteyesonmeasures.org.
And join me in voting yes on Measure S!
Frank Quintero
Frank Quintero is a former Glendale City Councilmember and City of Glendale mayor.