Chastises Chase

Regarding Jim Chase’s Oct. 3 article, “To The Tall Twerp I Almost Ran Over” [Viewpoints, My Thoughts Exactly]:

I too travel the street next to CV High regularly and have often had close calls with students stepping off the curb. Just recently a teenage girl stepped off 10 feet in front of me. But because I was traveling at the government-mandated speed of 25 miles per hour in a school zone, it was simple for me to stop in time. No screeching tires. No kids yelling on the curb.  She smiled. I smiled. We moved on. Another reason there was no altercation was my hyper-vigilance while driving down Ramsdell, a practice the DMV and AAA recommend in school zones. The fact is that due to the lack of frontal brain lobe development, teenagers’ behaviors can be erratic.

It may be true that the kid you almost hit has a bad attitude but more likely he’s just another goofy, lovable, knuckle-headed teenager. I’m not sure how you can extrapolate from a 10-second encounter that this person is “a narcissist” who knows “he walks on water.” It takes two to play chicken and you were the one with the 11,000-pound armor.

I recommend instead of going so fast that you have to screech your tires and blare your horn for a full minute to avoid pedestrians, you spend some money on anger management classes.

Lisa Dupuy
La Crescenta