Comments are “Absolute Poetry”
Wow. Jim Chase’s [Viewpoints, Sept. 29] piece was absolute poetry. His stories always cause a reaction whether it be laughter, melancholy, compassion, etc. But this time he may have outdone himself … truly inspiring.

Thank you for sharing.
Julie Buzzelli

Looking For Clarity
Nobody I know wants to be surrounded by a concrete jungle at his abode or in the central business district. With another planned water rate increase and bond debt to the rate holders, I wonder how many more people will be leaving Glendale for more affordable places [“GWP Rate Hikes Considered by Council,” Sept 15].

Over the past 14 years under the leadership of City Manager Jim Starbird, the cost of living has skyrocketed. According to the U.S. census, Glendale population has decreased approximately 7,000 in the past 10 years or, if you accept the California Department of Finance, the population dropped 16,000 people.

The Glendale Water and Power (GWP) a few years ago stated we needed new technology for measuring our water and electric needs, so they came forward with Smart Meters with the asking price of $20 million and now we are told an additional $50 million is needed to complete the job. With the unknown continuing costs of Smart Meters, the GWP has come forward again with another rate hike – this time adjustable rates from 1% to 13% for large users of water. Plus another two new bonds totaling $120 million, which the GWP states is needed to repair our water infrastructure.

In 2001 there was about $250 million in the GWP reserve account to deal with stranded investments like contracts with different power plants, as the GWP was going through deregulation. Since deregulation never went through, what happened to all that money?

In 2006 the GWP issued a bond for $38 million and in 2008 two bonds totaling $110 million were also issued for infrastructure needs. If the bonds in 2008 were issued for needed infrastructure, where has that money gone? And why haven’t the GWP management not told the people that, over the life time of paying off these bonds, the cost will be approximately double the bond values. Where is the accountability and transparency from GWP or our City Council of approximately $400 million? Does the city council have any idea?

Where has the taxpayers’ money gone? Has it been squandered like in the cities of Bell or Montebello?

Municipalities do not have an infinite source of revenue. But failure to plan is a failed plan … which calls for new leadership?
Mike Mohill