Proposes Reduction in Government Involvement

Today Americans think government is too big. In fact, one out of nine people work for the government.  Yet, since the 1930s government programs, agencies and regulations continue to expand with more people becoming dependent upon the government. The Founding Fathers believed the purpose of government was to protect our “inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”   

The less we look to government to solve problems, the less we as taxpayers have to pay. Limited government cuts down on waste, fraud and inefficiency and we have more accountability. Limited government values individual and economic freedom. Less government means less intrusion into our lives. The right to privacy and personal freedom comes with the understanding that our individual rights end as soon as they infringe upon another’s. Limited government is freedom in the market place. Businesses can thrive and create a competitive and innovative atmosphere. As companies prosper under these conditions, profits are made, re-invested and jobs are created. 

I have said before that government currently exists now to take care of their own with little left for the people. This is seen primarily with large debt created by excessive salaries and thus unmaintainable pension costs. Government employees will retire as early as 50 years old with pensions for life ranging from 50%-90% of their last paycheck. They will also get free medical for life compliments of the taxpayers. 

We did not vote for this indebtedness but it is ours and our children’s. We were told that pensions would never cost the people! In contrast, the maximum that Social Security pays at 66 years old is $34,332. 

What this is costing us financially: 10.25% sales tax; approximately $1 [per gallon] in gas tax; 7% sales tax on utilities; high property taxes; second highest cost of living in the country and the threat of more taxes. Physical cost: poor roads; cut back on local benefits; homeless; high cost of housing; etc.

We must challenge government to reduce these pension percentages immediately or the majority of this country will live in poverty.     

Ken Grayson,
Grayson’s Tune Town