Encourages PP Participation
As a past Prom Plus Tour of Homes host, I would like to encourage Crescenta Valley residents to join the fun.

Being on the tour was a wonderful experience. It prompted the completion of a great many “honey do” items on my list. More importantly, it gave us an opportunity to reconnect with so many friends from our Little League, AYSO and PTA days. It was a delight to catch up and hear their news and find out where their kids were in life.

Two things which I think prospective hosts need to know: First, you don’t have to open all the rooms in your home. My office displayed a sign borrowed from the Wizard of Oz: “Nobody gets in to see the wizard. Not nobody. Not no-how.” Because believe me, nobody was getting in to see that disaster area!

The other is this: while we have opened our home for many events over the years, we have never experienced a single negative outcome. We have instead experienced the joy of seeing old friends, meeting new ones and finding ourselves more connected to our amazing community.

Robin [Goldsworthy] is right; “Prom Plus Needs You” [see ‘Notations on the Calendar,’ the Sept. 12 article From the Desk of the Publisher], but Prom Plus will not be the only beneficiary!
Mary W. Boger
Vice President
GUSD Board of Education

Disappointed in Article
Regular contributor Mike Lawler (Treasures of the Valley) is the former president of the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley. I am a long-time member of the Glendale Historical Society and a former president of Royal Canyon Homeowners Association and the Homeowners Coordinating Council. It would appear we have community and neighborhood preservation in common.

I am disappointed and unable to understand Mr. Lawler’s motivation behind his misleading and inflammatory comments in his recent piece, “Twelve Oaks – Built by Charity, Sold for Profit” (Crescenta Valley Weekly, Sept. 5, 2013). His words – “in secret,” “suspicious,” “lie to the rumor,” “changed corporate moniker to the ridiculous be.group,” “ugly,” “avoid any uncomfortable ‘What would Jesus do?’” – are all patently unfair.

For the past three years I have lived in a be.group senior living community and, in fairness, with thanks to Paul Harvey – here’s the other side of the story.

“In secret,” “suspicious” – I know senior living communities are highly regulated to provide protection for residents at every level of service. be.group is helping residents who wish to relocate to another be.group community by maintaining their Twelve Oaks rate even if they move to a more expensive community. They do this not because it’s mandated, but because it’s the right thing to do. Additionally, I know be.group is attempting to transfer staff to another community if they wish to relocate.

“Corporate moniker” – I know the name change occurred to more clearly identify the organization as inclusive and forward-looking, rather than to imply a community restricted to Presbyterians.

I know the legal name is Southern California Presbyterian Homes DBA be.group.

I think it’s okay with Jesus.
Mary Ann Prelock
Bradbury, Calif.

CV Town Council Wants You
The Crescenta Valley Town Council has applications on their website – thecvcouncil.com – for concerned citizens to run for the council that represents the unincorporated areas of La Crescenta and Montrose.

We really want all voters who have lived here for at least one year to ask if they can give the third Thursday of the month to get involved with their town. There are three regular seats for three-year terms and three alternates seats for just a one-year term. At this time we do not have enough [candidates] running to fill these six seats, so do consider if this is the year you can get involved.

The Town Council gets involved in everything from big rig trucks to senior and school issues. It has been your town council that secured the dog park and the new county library. Your town council gets involved with land use issues as well. Why leave someone else speak for you? Give a year and you might find you really enjoy getting to know your first responders, your county planning, your utility representatives and the list goes on and on.

This is your town as well as ours, so please don’t hesitate. We are not a clique, but want everyone to run and then let the community have choices who will represent them on the council.

Applications are on our website as well as so much more useful information; do check it out – thecvcouncil.com.
Danette Erickson
La Crescenta
Danette Erickson is a current member of the Crescenta Valley Town Council.

A Brief Note of Thanks
This letter is a thank you for your kindness to the family of three and child that paid for my dinner at the Magic Wok on Wednesday, Aug. 28.
Thank you again.
Doris Dash