A Day to Celebrate Every Year?
On Friday, 9/12/14, though not allowed access behind the gates, the Friends of Rockhaven set up our EZ-up and camp chairs and awaited the curious. We had a blast! People who knew about it but wanted more information stopped by. People who only knew it by its exterior asked about its history and future. Children from La Crescenta Elementary and their parents popped in to discover their town’s history. One car pulled up and asked if they could bring their dogs; we said, “Not yet!”

What a wonderful opportunity to give interested people a chance to learn. Thank you for setting this up.

When asked if we should do this next year everyone else said, “But we can’t; it will be nine-one-two-one-five.” I don’t think the date is important any longer, but what is celebrated! I think we should declare the second Friday of September La Crescenta Heritage Day. Le’t remind people we have a culture and history.

And some day Rockhaven Historic Park will be the final destination of the driving tour to celebrate with Friends!

With appreciation and anticipation…
Joanna Linkchorst
President, Friends of Rockhaven

Celebrating 91214 at the Commons
Something very special is happening at Crescenta Commons. The celebration of 9/12/14 for 91214 and the following workday truly confirmed how special La Crescenta is and how special the Commons will be for our community.

To celebrate 91214 at the Commons we asked people to come and sign the scroll that will be placed in the time capsule and lowered down into the monument on the dedication day. Without a whole lot of planning and fuss, the celebration came together in just two weeks.

I must admit I thought I would be standing in the dirt for three hours. To my great surprise, at 5 o’clock on the dot you started to come. Families, brothers and sisters, friends with friends purposely came to the site just to leave a special little note on the scroll. In fact, over 80 people stopped to leave a message for our future residents.

One of the many highlights that evening was a son who brought his mother, a 55-year resident. She had trouble walking so we picked up the scroll placed it on the hood of the son’s car so it was easier for her to sign.  At one point we had a group of about 16 people so they all gathered for a group photo.

The evening became a night of stories from the community … stories from multiple generations that have gone to Monte Vista and or traveled across this little dirt corner on Rosemont and Orange. It is amazing to know how many generations still live in the area. On workdays, people drive by and honk give a thumbs up to everyone working, some drop off food and others just stop and lend a hand. On Saturday, the Bayles family came to dig the two 12 x 18 inch holes for the bench they donated. On one particular workday we rented a trailer to haul 300 rocks to the site. When the trailer was returned and we went to pay we were told an anonymous donor took care of the bill.

There are so many great stories to be told about how this site is bringing our community together. I simply wanted to take a moment to let you all know how very, very generous and special La Crescenta residents are.

Thank you La Crescenta – see you on the corner soon.

 Robbyn Battles, President
CV Town Council

Thanks for Getting Us to Celebrate our Zip Code
It was truly a week of coming together to remember 9/11 with a great parade, monstrous flag on Foothill and plenty of little flags wherever one went from REP headquarters to the American Legion and the Womans’ Club. We were all one neighborhood.

Then came 9/12 and we realized how many great places are in our 91214 zip code. Thanks for producing the map and encouraging us to visit each other to know the treasures we have including our new library. The Woman’s Club enjoyed hosting the reception at the end of the day.

The Youth Council of the CV Town Council kept us coming together as community with their wonderful, moving remembrance on Saturday of 9/11 – and to think they were only toddlers when it happened. It was a moving week that we knew about from our great CV Weekly paper.

Where would we ever be without your paper? Thanks.
Danette Erickson
La Crescenta

Could Economics Have Delayed Extinguishing Station Fire?

Regarding the Sept. 4, 2014 CV Weekly with the article “Station Fire: What We Have Learned,” the main item is how poorly the job of putting out the fire at the beginning was. After starting on the Angeles Crest Highway just above the Angeles Crest Ranger Station it burned up to the ridge to the west. There is a dirt road up to that ridge from behind the Ranger Station. I talked with firemen from Monte Cristo Ranger Station on the Angeles Forest Highway who were called to fight it. They, along with water drops using one of the lakes at the La Cañada Country Club, just about knocked it down. The firemen said that [they] could of put it out overnight but were told by whoever was in charge to go back to headquarters.

The next morning they could not believe how it had blown up.

Whoever was in charge I never heard if he was fired or arrested as he was responsible for the two deaths that occurred near Mt. Gleason. The fireman that just about had it out heard that is was too expensive for them to stay.

Imagine what it cost when the Station Fire was finally put out.
Bob Gregg