Please accept my congratulations on completing your first year of publication. In an age of declining newspaper readership, what you have accomplished is nothing short of miraculous. Of course, somehow, I kind of expected that our unique sense of community would be there to support your incredible, and outright daring, notion that the Crescenta Valley deserves its own news source.
We are blessed in our valley to enjoy an ongoing love and devotion for our neighborhoods and our neighbors, our schools, our kids, our families and our local traditions. You and the CV Weekly have lent a voice to this and, in the process, have helped to define it.
As the first Crescenta Valley native to be elected to the Glendale City Council, I cannot tell you how important reading your paper is to me. It informs. It educates, and it always reminds me where my roots are. There are certainly other newspapers of value locally, but none which so accurately reflects the mind, heart and spirit of the Crescenta Valley as the Weekly does. And, like everything you tackle, Robin, you bring energy and passion to the task, and this too is reflected in the Weekly. In short, you and the CV Weekly have become quite an irresistible and indispensable resource for us all.
Congratulations, again, on this terrific milestone. Happy first birthday. I wish you many more.
Sending you my best regards,
Glendale City Councilman John Drayman

The Crescenta Valley Town Council needs you to run for the council this year. This is your community and we each need to take a turn serving on our town council. You will see banners around town asking for candidates to apply if they live in the unincorporated area of La Crescenta and Montrose, basically between Briggs and Pennsylvania avenues.
Come to our next meeting on Thursday, Sept. 30 or our usual, third Thursday of the month, the Oct. 21 meeting, when the candidates will be introduced.
It is easy to download an application from our website www.thecvcouncil.com or by calling Danette Erickson, chair of election, at (818) 249-9577 to have one delivered to you.
Each year three of our nine seats open to new members plus three alternate members. There will be six “winners,” so to speak, and it could be you if you apply.
Serving on the Council gives you a chance to really know what is happening in your town and to make a difference on issues that arise. Why leave someone else to decide your future?
Should we have some new building codes for residential properties to control run away mansionization or wild colors? Do you want to have a say in the look of our future neighbors?
How about more green planters on Foothill, bike and hiking trails? Sound walls if and when the tunnels under south Pasadena open our valley to heavy truck traffic? Do any of these things concern you? What about the traffic on Waltonia or on your street?
Now is the time to say, “Yes, I want to get involved in the future of my home town. I will get an application, fill it out and send it in with the $40 filing fee.” Soon you will see some signs asking you to vote for these candidates who have said YES I will run. The deadline to apply is Oct 17. Then all registered voters in the unincorporated area will elect their representatives to their town council on Saturday, Nov. 6 (that’s the Saturday after the governor election). The election will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at our new La Crescenta Library.
When we work together great things, like our new library, are possible. This year we want you to join our CV Town Council. Apply now.
Danette Erickson
La Crescenta

On Friday, several of my neighbors and I noticed one of our neighbor’s cars had been red tagged with a tow notice. This neighbor has owned the home for many years and has always been a respectful neighbor, never leaving cars parked abandoned on the street. In this case, they are on vacation. How alarming it would be to return from vacation and see your car is gone. Not to mention once you realize it wasn’t stolen you now need to pay exorbitant towing and storage fees! After thinking about this for a while, I realized that I know there is a 72-hour limit to parking in one place on our streets only because I have previously inquired about this due to vehicles being abandoned. I realized that most residents probably do not know this law and especially [don’t] if they do not read the local papers. I called the Sheriff’s Department and spoke with both the front desk [deputy] and his supervisor. I was informed that if the car looked abandoned (it is dirty from sitting under a pine tree) then the public officer will red tag it. I was also told there was nothing they could do, but that I could speak with a sergeant. The following morning, I drove to the police station and spoke with Sergeant Stewart. After explaining the situation, Sergeant Stewart said she would have the red tag removed if I would educate my neighbors upon their return.
Thank you, Sergeant Stewart, for taking this fair approach. I am sure the residents will be very appreciative.
I know that I personally have seen our local public officer writing many parking tickets lately. Perhaps the paper would be willing to print some of the parking laws so no one has any surprises. In addition, if someone is reading this that knows family and friends that do not speak very much English or read the English papers, please take a moment to educate them. It might also be prudent to discuss with them the advisability of leaving a contact phone number with a neighbor when you leave on vacation.
Perhaps our town council can take this up and include an educational focus for the residents? I know that is can be frustrating when people don’t follow the laws but let’s first make sure they are aware of them before we take drastic measures or criticize.
Donna Armstrong
La Crescenta

Having served on the PTSA board for many years at CVHS, I am well aware that, all too often, the community will make certain that you hear about student behavior when it’s not good, so I want to be sure to spread good news as well.
Right after school recently, I stopped to help at the scene of a car accident on Foothill Boulevard and Cloud Avenue, right across from the Shell Gas Station. A car had stopped for CV students in the crosswalk but the car behind her did not and caused a rear-end collision. Throughout the entire incident, the group of CV students that had been in the crosswalk were fantastic! They did everything right! They not only used the crosswalk, but had pushed the button to activate the flashing lights as well. I am a nurse and I stopped to attend to one of the drivers in need of medical attention while my friend assisted the other driver and called 911. Unfortunately, I do not know the names of any of the eight or so Asian students involved but they all helped in every way that was asked of them: they let me use their cell phones repeatedly to call the victim’s family, they ran for water to help calm the uninjured driver (an elderly woman) and even huddled together to block the sun to create some shade for the woman after they’d assisted her to the curb as I’d asked them to do. Only one of the students had actually witnessed the accident but they all stayed together when asked to wait for CHP officers to take her statement.
Even though I can’t tell you the names of any of those students, I wanted to make it known that CV students were doing CV proud out in the community! As a CV alum myself and as the parent of three recent grads, I know CV to be a great place.
Teri Harter
La Crescenta