I’m back

When we were told that the CV Valley Sun newspaper was to be closed it broke my heart. I knew I liked the job, the people and the community (my community) it served but I didn’t realize how much until it was gone. I was folded along with the paper into Glendale News Press. Moving down there was difficult at best but made easier by everyone at GNP being so friendly. It was an awkward situation but was handled with professionalism by the staff. I tried to stay, but my heart wasn’t in it. Many of you know that I can get very enthusiastic about the articles I write and, let’s face it, I am not a typical journalist, either in my writing style nor approach to a story. Most reporters go from print to the film business; I went in the opposite direction. My background is film and that may be why I look at my assignments through a different eye.

I resigned from GNP with every intention of going back to film. I had two writing assignments already contracted and had put my name out as a location manager once again. My last day was Aug. 14. I decided to take a week to stay home with the kids and spend quality time making them clean their rooms. They were so excited Mom was home. I then got a call from Robin Goldsworthy informing me of her plan to open a local newspaper and offering me a job which I accepted without hesitation.

The need for our own paper was never more evident than when the Station fire was in our foothills. Our e-mails kept many of you informed and I wish we could have reached you all. I will continue to write the stories on fundraising which in this economy I consider very newsworthy and highlight our community. But I also will continue to write about those stories that are difficult for us to come to terms with, like the drug problem with our teens. Since I began the drug series several years ago for CV Sun, I have become convinced that this problem will not go away unless we all realize it is happening here in our own town. Kids who use illegal drugs are just normal teens, and pre-teens. They are honor students, kids that go to church on Sunday after getting high at a Saturday night party and come from solid families with caring parents. There are others that come from broken homes, some without parent supervision and others that have self esteem problems and are just broken. All of these kids are in danger because drugs can suck you in before you realize it and it is so tough to walk away. We can’t just say its a phase or compare their drug use to what we all faced as teens. Its a different world, and its time we as a community understand that.

As I have stated before Robin and I are complete opposites in many ways but our commonalities have created a strong bond. I respect her, I admire her professionalism and honesty and I may not agree with some of her opinions but admire the fact that she stands up for what she believes in while still willing to listen to the other side with an open mind. And I have never laughed so much and had so much fun at a job in my life, which is really important with the sometimes intense stories we cover. The bottom line is we both have a goal to serve this community, we felt there was a need for this paper and we want Crescenta Valley to have a voice.