Oh, how time flies

From the desk of the publisher Robin Goldsworthy

This week marks the one year anniversary of the Crescenta Valley Weekly. Let me say that this past year has flown by.
For those who don’t know, the CV Weekly was born of the ashes of the Crescenta Valley Sun, a noble undertaking purchased by the Los Angeles Times and subsequently closed down like the Leader before it (also purchased by the L.A. Times … hmmm do I see a pattern here?). In any case, it didn’t take too long for me, the former editor of the Sun, to realize that my friends, neighbors and businesses in the Crescenta Valley wanted their own newspaper. And why not? We are a vibrant, active community and we like to stay connected to our neighbors, our businesses and our civic organizations. I am proud to say that the Crescenta Valley Weekly is an important component in ensuring those connections.
What I didn’t know was that we launched at a truly historic time. Historically desperate economic times nationally coupled with historically devastating natural disasters locally.The photo at the top of today’s column shows my fledgling staff around my dining room table where the very first paper was being worked on – just before we were evacuated due to the Station Fire. After the third evacuation, we packed up and headed down to Mary O’Keefe’s house. Though the smoke was still thick, we didn’t get any knocks on our door telling us to get out.
The past year has been a time of lessons learned – some rather tough. An undertaking of this sort has been financially exhausting – I have fully funded it myself – and I am so thankful to those advertisers who recognized early on the asset that the CV Weekly could be to our community. J’s Maintenance, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Verdugo Hills Contact Lens and Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union climbed aboard my dream wagon and helped propel us forward. Early subscribers – some who stopped by my house to plunk down their dollar a week commitment – rallied us on. There have been photographers and writers who have donated their services, all in the name of, “I want to see the paper succeed.” And without the talent of my designers and writers, headed up by Mary O’Keefe, my office manager Debbie Taylor, and a dedicated sales staff, there is no way I could have gotten this far.
My family and friends have supported me in countless ways and urged me on. Their confidence has been humbling.
To all who have said a prayer on our behalf or offered a pat on our backs, thank you.
If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do. If you haven’t advertised yet, please consider doing so.
We appreciate your support.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly. She can be reached at robin@cvweekly.com or (818) 248-2740.