RF Emissions Abound

Once again the complaints come out about the cell towers and their radio frequency (RF) emissions. Do these people who are complaining have a cellphone? If so, why are they concerned about a very low power transmitter on a utility pole when they plant their cellphones’ transmitter up to their head? Why are they only worried about the AT&T cellphone systems. Looks like a bunch of Verizon users from here. How about the transmitter/receiver systems that are used to query our electric power, gas and water meters? Yes, they are there and they emit RF signals. And those signals are strong enough to get to a bunch of meters in each cluster (cell).

And another point: How many complainers have internet service in their home? Is their router and switch (network) hooked together with CAT5 copper cable or is it wireless? In my house copper is king, but I still have wireless to communicate with the smart phones and my wife’s tablet. Wireless means that there are RF emissions coming from their switch or router inside their house. How is that for close?

Anyone have cordless phones? How about a Bluetooth system for the cellphones in their car? Those are two more sources of RF energy.

In my profession as a communications technician and manager I worked with RF systems in the frequency range of 150 megahertz to 11,000 megahertz with power ranging from .5 to 100 watts. As a radio amateur I have dealt with the 2 to 440 megahertz frequencies and power from 1 to 100 watts. The telco systems were well shielded and there were safety protocols that kept us safe. There are safety protocols that amateurs use to keep safe from harm. I have no cataracts, cancers or weird looking children and I am 77 and going strong.

If you check the trends you will see that the Gen X&Y as well as millennial generations are getting away from the wired copper phone network. The phone companies are pushing for users to switch to the voice over internet network (VOIP) for non-cell communications. So far, those generations are trending towards the cellular networks. Some of the complainers are going to want to sell their home some day. How do they think a “home comes with lousy cell service” would help the sale?

Last point. One of the complainers is worried about the cell unit knocking the utility pole off balance and it will come crashing down on them. Has anyone noticed that Edison and GWP have attached transformers to the side of the pole at the top? How much do you think those things weigh? My bet is a lot more than the cell site assembly. I have one across the street from me. I moved in 1969 and it never fell down. Edison replaced it last year and it still has not fallen down. We have had some good shakes in the past 50 years and I cannot remember a pole coming down because of a seismic event. Every pole I have seen come down was hit by a very heavy vehicle including a M60 tank in Ft. Hood, 1965.

There is a lot more to be said, but it is time to quit and wait for the hate mail. Thank goodness I do not use social media.
Tom Suter
La Crescenta